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What is it?[edit]

Asianfied was introduced during a time period of need for the dying "Tall Asian", which is currently an endangered species due to "hate" poaching. Since then, the breed of "Tall Asians" has expanded from one, to four. Many celebrities have been "Asianfied", and as a result, have become part- Asian. The definition of "Asianfied" can be found here: Undictionary:A

"Asianfied" Celebrities[edit]

-Chuck Norris was "Asianfied" July 7th, 1995. Since then, he sports a tattoo of a pagoda on his left butt cheek, appropriately named, "Earl".

-Tom Cruise was "Asianfied" May 5th, 2006, when his latest movie, Mission Impossible: III, premiered. Since then, you can spot a slight slant to his left eye.

-Sen. Ted Kennedy was "Asianfied" Feb. 22nd, 1932. Since his birth, he has always had the sumo-Asian blood in him, resulting in his fatty fatness.