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“Ruin will bring asteroids”

~ ruin on on the untimely demise of our planet due to astenrukes, death, rape and EBOLA!

“Sorry, I forgot to flush...”

~ God on causing asteroids

An asteroid is a piece of shit floating in space which is quite literally not a steroid.

Bruce Willis will save us!

The term asteroid basically includes any naturally formed object orbiting a star. The majority of known asteroids orbit the Sun between the orbits of Mercury and Neptune, although there are a few outside the orbit of Pluto and orbiting other stars. The purpose of asteroids is unknown, but scientists believe they were created by God for the purpose of occasionally smashing into the Earth and causing mass extinctions. However, as NASA has plans for a spaceship designed to plant nuclear weapons on asteroids to destroy or deflect them before they can hit the Earth, they will soon become obsolete. Whether or not God will create anything to replace them with depends on whether he sees his shadow when he comes out in spring. To further complicate the matters on earth, he created asteroids 33333 AAAAAAAAA! and 111111 AAAAAAAAA! found by A. A. Elst and AANEAR-program. This adds to the great confusion in astrological and astronomical charts, that has been present ever since Gerald was found.

Most asteroids are made of Swiss cheese, which explains all the round holes visible on their surfaces. A few are also made of plutonium or unobtainium. None of them have oil in them, otherwise George Bush would have poured those extra many billions of dollars into NASA rather than on the war in Iraq.

Large asteroids[edit]

Note: Most large asteroids have both a number and a name, however many smaller asteroids often have a number only. Other asteroids don't have a number because we don't know them. Please help us by discover one!

Small asteroids[edit]

  • 430 O damn

* Isaac hikawa the border hopper

  • Amardeep Grewl the faggot
  • hitler
  • Marcus Ahnling aka Hitlers grand


There is a Computer game based on asteroids. many believe it has something to do with AAAAAA.