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Atari is an American company that made game-computers because it needed a box to sell pong in. After some time, they thought it would be fun to make some real computers too. Commodore Jack Tremiel left Commodore after losing a battle with pirates over the Commodore Maddox (computer) and bought out Atari, and threatened to run it into the ground with a new concept his son Sam came up with. They copied the Macintosh and called it "SssssssT", as it did not contain a ventilator, so it was very silent. Atari forgot to market the SsssssT, so everyone kept thinking they only made game-computers. When Atari became bored with the SsssssT, the company introduced - over two cups of tea, the TeaTea. After a few years, when everybody was buying IBM-compatibles and no-one was buying the SssssssT or the TeaTea, they decided to go back to game-consoles again. Atari introduced the JackYouAre, went broke and were bought by Infogrames. During its happy time it also made a bomb throwing games in holes in the Desert and burning them underground in holes in the Desert. Games which this happened to include Fraps, ET, The Blues Brothers, les Frères bleus, and Mr T: Superfluous game subtitle meanderings, which was a game featuring how Mr T grew up and discovered himself, in Scotland.

The name Atari comes from the ancient Chinese game of shuffleboard. It indicates a move wherein a player whomps his opponent with a baseball bat. It also comes from the God Of Internet, Atari, the Man Himself. See: Elvis