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An example of a 200GW Fusion Kitten, capable of powering an entire mouse city

When scientists first discovered the ability of Kittens to produce fecal matter more than their own body weight in any given 24 hour period it was deduced that they could access wormholes to alternate dimensions which would allow science to provide effectively infinite amounts of totally clean power (as long as the Fusion Kittens are supplied with a reasonable amount of litter and are taught not to poop behind the sofa).

Fusion Kittens are used instead of batteries in some first world nations and there is evidence that Ancient Egypt had developed Fusion Kittens early in the 3rd Millennium BCE as a refinement of the more primitive (and far messier) Atomic Kitten. Due to the cheap labor market in some countries, they may require a Catalytic converter.

The only drawback to using Fusion Kittens is that because they have access to wormholes containing infinite power that they could overheat and meltdown. De-wormholing tablets are available from vets which prevent this however so with a modest investment in the health of your Fusion Kitten you will be able to power all the items in your homes with one single bundle of hyper-kinetic joy.

Fusion Kitten Powerplants[edit]

The process of obtaining power from kittens was refined by France when Egg Croissant built the first kitten fusion reactor. The reactor was created as a giant donut furnace where kittens would be dumped en masse into the front, and power could be easily generated as superheated coils of plasma rend their bodies, exposing their difficult to find (sans huffing) souls, which in this state fuse and obliterate each other, releasing as yet untold amounts of feline energy. This was hailed as a great victory of man since the only byproducts of this infinite power were the amazing stench left over the country of France. France smelled worse before that, so the residents considered it an improvement.

A Mark II Fusion Kitten

Mark II Fusion Kitten[edit]

Recent development of the Frankistani scientists is Mark II Fusion Kitten, that, although miniaturized, is equipped with self-contained Hasselhoff capacitor. First experiments with Mark II Fusion Kitten have proven that the single kitten is able to deliver 600GW of power.