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Once a great proud Black network turned sour by the white man at VIACOONS.
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“Finally a station for the Nappy Headed Hos.”

“Girlfriend, did you see dat fat bitch on tv? Oh, that's me.”

“Niggas, like to waste their day on television and make me richer, DUUUUUH.”

“Nigga, take a chill pill.”

Black Entertainment Television (commonly referred to by its acronym B.E.T.) is an American cable network targeted to an African American audience in the United States Because White people never cut them slack and accept them on TV. Their station was once based in the living room of Daddy Slick William in Washington D.C.

Over the years BET has emerge into becoming a black power house but saw a decline with poor management. In 2000 VIACOON brought out BET and introduce hit shows such as Carjacking @ 106 & Park, Soul Food and Ooh Girlfriends.


Pimp Daddy Slick Williams, Founder of Black Entertainment Television

Pimp Daddy Slick William founded the network in which was called "Badass Entertainment Television" in 1980 by stealing a large satellite dish and transfer signals of shows he made from his home studio. Most programming of the network comprises auctioning his hookers, late night pornos and Sunday praises at his favorite ghetto church "The St. Baptist Church of God AME of Mount Zion Reform Church of John the Baptist."

Slick Williams continue his programing of his hooker ads and Sunday praises until he was arrested in 1984 of his prostitution ring and drug trafficking. He pass the power of his company to his younger brother, Hank who went on to make it a more progressive television network.

Soul Food is an inspiring BET show about fat ass Monique who love of food won't stop her gouging herself and praise the Lord for more soul food.

Hank Williams was a smarter Moorehouse educated brother who graduated summa cum laude. After he took over the station, he fired all of Slicks people and brought a serious crew of experience television workers from the station he worked at bringing in great idea by making BET a black MTV. So that's when he turned the renamed the station Black Entertainment Television. He introduce video shows nonstop for 12 hours a day and infomercials late at night. As for Sunday, he brought in an extensive amount of church programs suitable for black families. He turned the network from a local public access channel to a national network by 1989.

Crisis of the late 1997 and Rosco Jenkins[edit]

After a successful 13 year run after the take over, Hank was getting annoyed by the ad company not wanting to buy ad time with his company. Though the company had a great run till 1996, Rosco Jenkins was the worst Regional V.P he ever hired for his New York station. Rosco kept bringing in his thug crew and messed the station up by adding in promos for mix tapes that the station didn't receive compensation for. Hank got sick and tired and decided to put the station up for sale after losing 50% ad revenue.

BET sold to VIACOONS[edit]

As Hank was desperately looking to sell his company, he settle with Viacoons offer of $20 Million Dollars. He took the offer and ran off onto another business venture. Hank later regret the sell of his company.

VIACOONS takeover[edit]

The Parkers Another ghetto show about BBW mother and daughter, starring Monique, being nasty and living life thinking they are sexy but not really.

Slick Daddy Williams was release from prison in 1998 and VIACOON came to him to become their Vice President. Daddy Williams wasn't settling on their deal so he took their ass to court. Before the court date could be set, Daddy Williams was fired and thrown back into prison for violating his parole.

VIACOONS began production of programs and anticipate a great launch of new BLACK STAR POWER PROGRAMS by 2000 after the contracts of some of the shows were finished.


Any public access station from the ghetto. MTV and VH1 left them in the dust once the VIACOON takeover.

List of Black Entertainment Television programs[edit]

With BET being own by a bunch of white, from 2000 to present day, Coonish shows are now featured. Though some were cancel many continue to air to this day.

Syndicated programs[edit]

Original BET shows[edit]

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