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“They are completely so, but they accept my most of tea!”

~ Oscar Wild on a Seven Samauri

For edition of a proper English, see Seven Samurai.

Ze samauri seven became pointeda, being long, ze gnathal mustache which isu white being ralge, ze led tip, man obu ze height 4ft seben ze hat (No D or Gandalf, please do not conbuse) it hasu wasu. He et al. habing libed together in ze house in ze forest, inhaling the Kitten, to make ze mushroom stew, ze unusual stone whele the kitten fol ze unusuar stone whele they had them, ita putsu out to auction with eBay mining ze mine in oldel to entel into ze hand you passed time. It consistsu obu ze iteration obu hisu et al. featule "high hoe", and you imitate simply by anyone, it was famous with song.

With ebelyone theil name isu made cleal thele wasu a feature which in the samauri seven.

Pletend Ignolance becomes moder, "the oystel attitude which attacksu" is taken.
Special Weapon Specialty
Teachel femare and bice Remedy house
Sneeze peppel inselting Tempolaly Blind person
Pletend Ignolance prastic Right/wlite saber Goo fee sulface
Shine not be crowded potato it crushes, ze equipment Ze Non-bisibility
Sleep no breathing syndrome eye ita isu apparent ze clock throwing Ze Powa Lecobely Drowse
Ze honolable mood boo boo cushion Cheelfulness! Ze Happy Face
Angering child MP5A4 light engine-gun M34 Yellow Phosphorus Hand-Thlow Bomb

Ze samauri seven ebelyone shaled ze Rove of White Snow Princess.

Asu for ze samauri seven "five people and one" of Enid Brighton became arso inspiration obu ze seliesu.

It wasu based on seven samurai, the Movies[edit]

"samauri seven" of Flits Lung supelbision wele success for ze critic.

Flits Lung ze first samurai seven movie (1916) photoglaphed with ze expressionism wind obu German. Thata wasu ze joy obu ze critic, buta ita failed miserabry with ze sare. Synopsis changing compretery, wasu photographed fulthelmole asu ze silent pictule. Just Pletend Ignolance was desclibed seculery.

Incruding ze Japanese frabol, brending well, being small, ze bamboo which you ale irritated ze Chopsticks putting out togethel, Hello Kitty A Seven Samauri (1954) pelfolmance John Wayn lemake did with Ronald Raygan.

Lesorbing thata you leset obu to ze cowboy loots seven samauri, lemake it did Yule Brinner the The Gunman of The Good and the Bad and the Ugly the Continuation - Evening Sun/Decision of the Hell Fighter" (1960) asu. To ze camera ze shot obu 7 gunmen whom you ale warking with rong stlide isu one among ze shotsu which wele most copied with histoly obu ze movie. Ze Right/wlite staff, Ze Monstels Ink, Plibate Lyan, Buckaroo Banzai, ita appeared to arso ze balious moviesu like ze stalt scene obu ze animation obu Justice League.