Baby Weasel

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Looks cute doesn't he? That's what he wants you to think!

Baby Weasel is the single most deadliest threat to the universe as we know it. Only when we can realize this threat can we stop it!

The Birth[edit]

On September 29, 1452 Baby Weasel left his artificial womb to go into the world. For the first 3 months he seemed to be living in a stable manner. He grew at an abnormal rate and became unbelievably intelligent as well. By 6 months he had mastered advanced calculus and could lift 500 kg over his head with one hand! By 1463, he became out of control and had outgrown his human curators.

Creation of a Devil[edit]

A photo of Baby Weasel at time of incarceration.

Baby Weasel fell to the dark side and created a league of evil weasel siths to bring down the world. They focused the efforts on creating a world completely free of all jedi.

The Escape[edit]

Baby Weasel finally escaped in 1478 with the aide of Saddam Hussein. However, after escaping Baby realized that he should remain underground and not attack until later.

Currently (as in currently for us in the future sending this message to The Prophet), no one knows where Baby Weasel is, but people believe that he is somewhere in Fiji, plotting an attack any time soon (as in soon for us in the future sending this message to The Prophet)!

To hear Baby Weasel's war cry:[edit]