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A Backpacker is a homosexual male that awaits in hidden locations; preying on passers by. His modis operandi is to spring onto the backs of hetrosexual males and dry hump them furiously. At times, backpackers will use tools to subdue their victims or enhance their experience. One of the better known backpackers (and current spokesperson) is Tom Cruise. In 2000, Tom Cruise joined with Bea Arthur to form the Kobe National Organization of Backpackers or KNOB. (Kobe was the only country that recognized this behaviour as an association) It is rumored that the Pope is a closet member.

Some places that backbackers common:[edit]

  • Under stairs
  • Around all corners
  • Shoes
  • Your bosses office
  • In parts of Australia, foreign backpackers are common at crime scenes.

Some commonly used tools of backbackers:[edit]

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