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“Never was so much owed by a so small man to so many.”

~ Kristian Rovde

The Bad-day or B-day was an invasion by Bad-boys in the late 90s. The capital of Norway, Oslo, was attacked by lazy, short, aggressive and pot-smoking males who where looking for sex, food, beer and money.


Bad-boys are lazy, short, aggressive and pot-smoking people who are unable to provide for themselves, except through occasional criminal activities, like stealing or dealing drugs. However, some Bad-boys usually avoid this, due to the amount of hard work it takes to steal and deal.

The Bad-boys usually have a very unhealthy lifestyle due to pot-smoking and an unhealthy diet consisting of meat and white bread.

The Bad-boys are known for their ability to create frustration, depression and economic crisis among people they socialize with. They tend to have excellent skills when it comes to playing pool and getting one-night-stands. They also have a tendency to overestimate their combat skills, which often (but not often enough) results in injuries.

The invasion force[edit]

The invasion force consisted of seven hundred ships, with 10 Bad-boys in each of them. Daily pot-smoking seremonies and fighting on board the ships resulted in bad navigation and that several ships got lost during the journey, and many Bad-boys were thrown overboard. When the force reached Oslo, there were only one ship and 40 Bad-boys left.

Invasion and plundering[edit]

The ship arrived at Huk beach in Oslo, from where they went on to "Kongsgården" at Bygdøy and established a stronghold. For several days they plundered Oslo and engaged in every bar fight they could. The Norwegian police tried to chase the Bad-boys out of town, but with little success. Meanwhile, the Bad-boys gained many followers in Oslo, especially on the east side of the city.

The retreat of the Bad-boys[edit]

Due to the cowardness of the Norwegian police, the Norwegian government decided to rent Asian mercenaries, who are experts in killing civilians. The Asians started a large-scale massacre among Bad-boys and surrounded "Kongsgården", thereby cutting off all their supplies. After three days of siege, the Bad-boys started running out of pot and food and started to scream and beg for food. The Asians responded by bombing "Kongsgården" with fruit and vegetables, resulting in major casualties among the Bad-boys, who fled from "Kongsgården" three days later, never to return ever again.

The situation of Bad-boys today[edit]

After beeing chased out of "Kongsgården", the Bad-boys hid among ordinary citizens in Oslo and, in recent years, in the rest of Norway. They can be identified by their characteristic walking style and silly way of talking.

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