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“I be said bad grammar alot”

~ Captain Obvious on Bad Grammer

“Hapiness be the using bad grammar ”

~ Oscar Wilde on Bad Grammer

“As yesterday's positive report card shows, childrens do learn when standards are high and results are measured ”

~ George W Bush on Children

Many peopled enjoying using Bad grammar after frontal lobotomy or a listen of president of US or A speech. Afortunately sometime bad grammar be unficcult to understanded. So bad grammar folk be made of fun. Howerever should get world more mind openliness bad grammar users be not so unscriminated againstly. It not unportant a remember just cause a bad grammerer be used bad grammar not mean he of she be stupidly.

Bad Grammer of History[edit]

Since when Flying Spaghetti Monterer be making world and he be said "Uh Oh, i make mistake big". Bad Grammer be muchly popular. Bad grammar be your friend. When you're want get off of stress and life. You be use bad grammar through escape. Though sometime, a people in suit throwing that things for you, most a people not be to angryness. This be why kings and anothers ruthlessing dictators be use bad grammed to unlieve stress. Many such of King Louie I through of VII,George the W, Vladimir the Putin, but Abraham Lincoln, or Attilla that Hun. You're see, bad grammar were just way over life, and a people need to accepting those.

Some Tips be goods of Bad Grammer Usering[edit]

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Those obsessed with so-called experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about Bad Grammer.

Bad Grammer not hard a using. You're just need a remember a forgeted you ever be learned. Here be somes good tip:

Go thinkering back to whens you a littling baby, afore you's don't know how really a talk.

Be finding book of learn english and make of fire.

Be borned in other country and no speak english.

Go of mysteriously island and forget english and be speaking languages of a sand.

Eats lunch with President of U S or A.