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Ballymartin is perched between Kilkeel and Annalong in County Down, Northern Ireland much like the way fresh air is perched between most young male Kilkeel motorists and a brick wall.

Even though it is less than one mile wide it enjoys the honor of being Northern Ireland's smallest city due to it owning the world's first miniature mobile cathederal. With the cathederal being mobile it can be leant out on the first Tuesday of the month to Newry and Lisburn, which is the only reason they became cities as well.


The Nazis amongst us.

Ballymartin was founded when a man named Martin took a wrong turn out of the Arches in Newcastle and decided to walk home. After walking for three days he gave up and set up a caravan home where he stood, which was Annalong. They kicked him out and he started up Ballymartin instead.

During the second world war it was known that Nazi planes used to use street and house light up the east coast of Ireland to navigate by at night time. Because of this everone in that region was asked to turn their lights off. The people of Ballymena took this opportunity to wreak revenge on their neighbours, as born out by the attached photographic link.

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