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Bandanas were the first known Currency of the Human Race. Originaly made of Brotherhood and Titanium, they are now a decorative clothing accessory.

A bandana is traditionally worn in the pelvic region. It consists of 4 coconuts aligned in a circular direction. The first coconut (clockwise) stands for "Weddings", the second "Loving of the rapper Devastatin' Dave", the third "King Tut and the effects on "Global Warming", and the fourth and final being "The Mongolians and their affect on modern politics". Traditionally, these are worn by women wanting to play Basketball.

Bandanas are explained by the equation

The Origin[edit]

Bandanas were first popular during the rule of King Qwerty, the 1337est king ever. Not many people know about him, but I do. He ruled in the early 100 B.C.. The people, peasants, and noblemen, alike, loved to wear bandanas.

The originated as simple white linen cloths, that the Egyptions wore on their heads. King Qwerty, over in Japanchinakorea, saw these, because he had great eye-sight. So, he went over there, and did a number of things.

1. Killed all of the Egyptions. 2. Built the pyramids single-handedly. 3. Stole all of their bandanas. And lastly, 4. Ate sand.

Back in Japanchinakorea[edit]

When he got back, his people killed him. They took all of his bandanas, and dyed them with his blood (That's where we get the unique designs from). The bandanas stayed in style, until the late 1990's (A.D.).


Today bandanas are worn around the legs, while reciting the alphabet. Many gangsters (rap artists) are seen wearing these bandanas, and get their inspration from the alphabet. Some say that bandanas are inspirational. Some say that they are dumb. But mostly, it is just a fashion.