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Barack's DVD, "Just Bring It, America!" cover.

Barack Wayne Johnston (born December 45th, 2005...BC) is a Mexican actor, pro wrestler, and 1337th President of the United States. He is currently working in WWE on it's WCW brand, where he is the United States Tag-Team Champion with J. "The VIP" Bidster.

Barack was known to fans as one of the "anti hero" faces. He was noted as saying his catchphrase whenever faced against a challenge, "Just bring ittttt America!"


Barack Johnston was born in Burnt Corn, Alabama with a family of 3 brothers and 1 sister. He was known to his family as "The Rock" since Barack rhymed with The Rock and everyone watched WWF at the time. He failed high school and wanted to be a pro wrestler. He figured since none of the rest of them had educations. He went into training with Hollywood Hogan the same year. After pissing off Hogan in a training match, Hogan went Hulk and broke Barack's foot. Barack came back a month later and when Hogan, still enraged, screamed, "YOUUUU want some more YOUUUUU little ass?!?!", Barack coined his catchphrase, "Just bring ittttt, Mr. America!"

Barack Makes It[edit]

Jobber Years[edit]

Baracky Maivia

When Barack hit it into the WWE after Hogan, still enraged, told Vince McMahon that Barack wouldn't job to him, so he had a chance in the WWE. He broke onto TV as "Baracky Mavia", a John Cena-like gimmick where he was a face, but nobody liked him. After screwing up his career and was caught doing coke, Barack was fired from WWF, but caught a job in TNA.

Jobber Years, But Now in TNA[edit]

Barack Johnston was faced with a new challenge, finding another gimmick. He decided to be "Guitar Swinging" Barack Jared. He got fired a week later after they found Barack wasn't "WWE Dropout Material".

Finding Success[edit]

Back to WWE, But Not A Jobber Anymore[edit]

Baracky Comes Back[edit]

Baracky made a surprising return to WWE in the Royal Rumble. He was the 8th eliminated after he eliminated John Cena, who didn't sell any moves Baracky gave, so he gave Cena a low blow. Cena stumbled out of the ring and broke his neck, requiring 1 1/2 years out of action. Baracky was then eliminated by Charlie Haas posing as "Weird Al" Yankovic.


After a short time, Barack came back as just his first name, Barack. He came out and after shaking hands with Dolph Ziggler, asked the world, "Can ya smell....what Barack has eaten?" He got into a feud with John Morrison over who had better sideburns.

After the feud with John Morrison, Barack feuded with Bushwhacker George and had a match at Wrestlemania 69.5 over the United States Championship. He went heel after hitting George in the head with a guitar, a homage to his "Barack Jared" gimmick. He held his title for 4 years, then lost to the newcomer Hilrod in a "Trapped in the White House" match.

On September 12, Barack suffered an injury that put him out of action for 2 hours. He came back to his assassinator, Fred Phelps, slapped him in the face, and told him to turn the WBC and the picketers sideways, and shove them up his 82 year old homo baloney ass. Fred Phelps responded with, "Yous a fag! Gawd hates dem fags! And dem sowljers! Gawd hates dem fags and dem sowljers and dem stoopid Americans!" Fred got released that same day. Barack responded to that comment in an interview, "Anyone actually listened to that homo popcorn fart?"

Movie Career[edit]

Barack quit WWE and went on to be an actor. He was in films such as, "The Game Plan That Didn't Work", "300 Laws", "The Scorpion Bald Eagle King", and "Don't Get Smart". He also became a Disney star. His alter ego, Hussein Osama, was the subject of the hit series, "Hussein 101".


Barack's DVD, "Just Bring It, America!", was released on November 4th, 2008. It includes matches and a never before seen interview with Dr. Dre.

His book, "Dumbass Matches with Dumbass Coworkers", was released in November 5th, 2008. It includes him ranting on other wrestlers.