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Barbaric is a term applied to many sectors in our everyday lives. To the normal world though, it is used to express displeasment about a certain object. It has a long history and strikes a deep signature in our society.


Barbaric was a binary code invented by Barbapappa, a space alien whose journey to the planet Earth had been foretold by the Great Prophets of Wisdumb. The identity of these Prophets is unknown: only the latest Prophet is known by humans.

But anyway, Barbapappa was an alien of peace. He dedicated his life to educating kids. After becoming a teacher though, he felt like he wasn't getting his massadge across. He wanted a bigger audience. He wanted to make the world a better place.

After this vision, Barbapappa was determined to give his massage to the children by television, so he apllied for a job at ABC. In the beginning, he was a mere intern. After that, he climbed up the broadcast ladder. He climbed it until he had reached his final goal: his own tv-show.

The Barbapappa show[edit]

Barbapappa had a profound influence on very relevant subjects

On the sixth of June 1992, Barbapappa was given a unique opportunity: his own tv show. The show would air on friday mornings, at 8 o'clock: the busiest time slot in the morning. And it did.

It was a fantastic succes: ratings tripled that year and the world grew more peaceful the year after that. The Middle-east saw a looming peace between the Isrealies and the Palestinians, which hadn't ever happened. The absolute pinnacle of this peace was the signing of the Oslo agreements, in 1994. Many experts agreed that this was highly due to Barbapappas show of good morals and respect for one and other. Even Yasser Arafat knew the secret truth:

“This show...uhh...with the pink is so amazing. Really refresing and..uhh.. entertaining”

~ Arafat on The Barbapappa show

The dark ages[edit]

In 2000 however, things took a turn for the worst: Pokemon had arrived in America and it was about to sweep the world off its feet.

Soon aggression was back at its pre-Barbapappa levels: worldwide anger over how such a dumb show could be so successful and the violent contents of the show itself were blamed as the main factor in the rise of violence.

But this was not the bombshell to end all great things, as we would soon find out on the tenth of september, 2001:

The Barbapappa show got cancelled!

Critics just could not believe it, and neither could the Middle East. It launched a deadly attack on the United States on the following day and ever since, war has been a part of our everyday life.

The revealing of the Last Prophet[edit]

This however may turn back for the better, for today is a great day. Today is the day that the last prophet has revealed itself, on C-SPAN. The Last Prophet revealed itself by chanting the Barbapappa Binary Code:


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