Bartlett's Thesaurus

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Bartlett's Thesaurus is the groundbreaking 1923 (silent) documentary by director Charles Dickens about the discovery of a live dinosaur in California's Death Valley. The amazing creature was found in a discarded apple crate by President Jebediah Bartlett during a mid-term election campaign swing through the Western states in 1922. This Prozac Era dinosaur, known to scientists as a thesaurus, was previously thought to have gone extinct along (along with all other dinosaur species) when the Kirstie Alley crashed into the Earth, kicking up a firestorm of dust and soot that blocked out the sun's rays for centuries.

In honor of the man who found the single known live example of this creature, the dinosaur was officially designated Bartlett's Thesaurus by the Smithsonian Dinosaur Society (SDS) in 1932.