Barton Mansion

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A still of the terrible "Entity"


The structure known as The Barton Mansion was erected on Barton RD in Redlands, Calif., in 1859. It was a three storey structure that sheltered the esteemed slipper and lindseed oil magnate Dr. Benjamin Parmenter Barton III.

9-18: Never Forget, You Guys[edit]

Then, finally, on Sept. 18, 2001, some Californians with a camera and an overlarge interest in bum turds ventured into the mansion in the wee hours. It was on the third floor they discovered hiding in a closet a 7-foot tall pointy-eared thing in a robe holding a lantern. According to the true, first-person account, the giant creature came after them with its "pronounced facial features." Surprised by the discovery, they screamed and ran. After thinking better of their initial show of pants-ruining cowardice, the paranormal investigative team boldly returned to the mansion a second time, only to discover it had been renovated and converted into a pediatrician's office. Today the DVD can still be found for sale on the eBay.