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Basshunter released his first audio book, Fishing In The Wild Side (see Discography), in 1990 documenting his first successful bass catch.
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“After catching this fish, I will take it home and have hot sex with it.”

~ Basshunter on on his bass's dick

“It wasn't until the age of 46 that I caught a Bass, but boy was it worth the wait”

~ Basshunter on his first Bass experience.

“Look! A bass!”

~ Basshunter in his normal bass catching days.

John Allbergian (born 22 December 1984 in Halmstad, Sweden), better known as Basshunter (fisherman code: Ihazfizh) or "Asshunter" is a notorious wannabe fisherman who documents his findings in a series of audiobooks.

Born some time in 1943 somewhere in southern Sweden he lived a quiet life becoming quite fond of all marine life during his weekly dives into a large pond near his residence. He quickly learned of his favourite marine animal, the common Bass. For years he petted Bass and became "quite good friends" with them. However on the October of 1957 he accidentally trod on a Bass whilst slipping into his usual pond. This caused an outcry in the local Bass community which proceeded to chew off both his legs and one of his eyes (for this reason his left eye is always hidden from sight.) From that day forward he decided to seek revenge on the Bass becoming a self proclaimed 'Basshunter', usually known as 'Asshunter'.

It was not until 32 years later when he caught his first Bass by accidentally head-butting it in a jetsking accident. This one incident started a series of audio books by Basshunter that continue to this day.

Critical reception[edit]

Basshunter's first entry into the audiobook market was with Fishing On The Wild Side that was released mid-1990. It was hated by civilians and fishermen alike however due to a mass order by the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina it became the fastest selling fishing audiobook of the decade.

Basshunter continued to produce similar themed audiobooks documenting his encounters with different Bass all around the world. They have received a similar reception to his premier audiobook. However Basshunter's Go Bass, Go Bass, Go became a surprise hit in southern Finland due to an accidental recording of 50 Cents's 'Window Shopper' making its way into Chapter 3 of the audio book. Through that he released 'Seven Is Not A Choice' with the most famous 2007 song by him, Seven Bass, later remixed by DJ Fucktard, L33t G33k and Madonna. In the past year, 2009, he released Now You're Fucked - The Album, expressing the moments he can't fish some bass and gets fucked up. Next year, he released Fishing Generation and Fishing Generation: Special 20th Birthday Edition. At 2011 he plans to release Run Bass, Run Bass, Run, but really quickly because... We r gunna die!11!!1. See more info at the discography.

A rare picture of Basshunter with his left eye uncovered by hair, here can be seen his eyepatch which makes him resemble a pirate somewhat.


His audiobooks are oddly played at nightclubs throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, this is thought to be due to an incorrect purchase of 1 million of his audiobooks by the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina to promote dancing and fun in the country.

Apart from the above no one really listens to any of Basshunter's audiobooks mainly due to the fact that they have been proven to cause irreparable brain damage due to the high intensity of screaming and shouting throughout most of his work. For this reason they have been banned in most of eastern Africa.


  • 1990: Fishing In The Wild Side
  • 1991: Dangerous Exploits in Lake Jalfrazi
  • 1995: Don't Hide
  • 1996: Jacuzzila
  • 1999: Can You Hear the Bass? [1]
  • 2000: Jacuzzila 2000 [2]
  • 2004: Go Bass, Go Bass, Go
  • 2007: Seven Is Not A Choice [3]
  • 2009: Now You're Fucked - The Album
  • 2010: Fishing Generation
  • 2010: Fishing Generation: Special 20th Birthday Edition
  • Scheduled for 2012: Run Bass, Run Bass, Run! [4]

A new single to his album: "Do You Hear It?". To spice things up, he forgot that his fishing audiobook turned twenty, he couldn't edit original album so invited some remixers and created a special edition for the 20th Birthday. Revealed songs (!?) for Fishing Generation: Special 20th Birthday Edition are:

  • Do You Hear It? (DJ Fucktard Bass Remix) [5]
  • Make it Twenty [6]
  • Me Haz Fish!
  • Turn Up Twenty, I Can Realise That [7]


  1. Later renamed Can You See the Bass? due to confusion with music.
  2. Jacuzzila and Jacuzzila 2000 are albums based on Basshunter's unique fishing style: jacuzzi fishing.
  3. Album dedicated to 07 Haters: 2007 NOT Good.
  4. Since we are going to die at 2012, he will just release this with 4 or 5 songs, then grab his bass(ish) friends and run from Earth! Wait? Run from Earth? WE ARE GONNA DIE!!!
  5. DJ Fucktard decided to spice things up, so added REAL bass (sound effect, not a fish!) to the music.
  6. Originally from Now You're Fucked - The Album. In this album, it has been remastered.
  7. It uses same samples and Now You're Fucked - The Album, only that the song letter is different and has a different ending with "Bass... BASS!!!", but wait... he's telling that he caught a bass during the recording - nice audio-glitch.

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