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Battle can refer to:

BattleBattle, East Sussex
Battle CityBattle CreekBattle For The Mountian
Battle GroundsBattle Of Orc's Drift
Battle Royale
Battle for Adams CollegeBattle for Bikini BottomBattle for Disneyland
Battle metalBattle of 5 RodentsBattle of Agincourt
Battle of Antietam
Battle of BrisbaneBattle of Bucktown
Battle of CarrhaeBattle of Cheese Steak Jimmy's House
Battle of Corner CanyonBattle of Crawford
Battle of DublinBattle of GettysburgBattle of Google
Battle of GothamBattle of GrunwaldBattle of Guadalcanal
Battle of Hall CountyBattle of Hampton RoadsBattle of Hastings
Battle of Hastings IIBattle of HiroshimaBattle of Hoth
Battle of ItalyBattle of Jar-Jar Binks
Battle of KosovoBattle of Miami
Battle of MidwayBattle of Mount IsaBattle of MySpace
Battle of MyeongnyangBattle of New YorkBattle of Normandy
Battle of OrgreaveBattle of Oscar WildeBattle of Peleliu
Battle of Pelennor FieldsBattle of Placentia BayBattle of Salamis
Battle of Sesame StreetBattle of StalingradBattle of Stamford Bridge
Battle of ThermopylaeBattle of Trafalgar
Battle of VerdunBattle of Waterloo
Battle of YavinBattle of the Alamo
Battle of the BandsBattle of the BulgeBattle of the Bulge in my Pants
Battle of the Gypsy CartBattle of the IcebergsBattle of the Juan
Battle of the KurskBattle of the Little BighornBattle of the Network Stars
Battle of the Pearly GatesBattle of the River MoleBattle of the Server
Battle of the SexesBattle of the SommeBattle of the Stickman
Battle of the bulge
Battle pelicanBattlecorp
Battlefield 2Battlefield 2142Battlefield Earth
Battleship PotemkinBattlestar Galactica
Battlestar GuadalajaraBattlestar PegasusBattlestar Potemkin
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