Battle of Kosovo

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Template:Those Turks, if they beated the Serbs we have no chances to win the Champion's League

Battle of Kosovo a great battle fought between the *Serbs and the *Gay Army of the Gay Ottomans.

Before the Battle[edit]

The Serbs created a BIG HUGE DAMN BIG EMPIRE from Rome to Tokio thanks to *Car Dusan an ancestor of the odiern president of the USA *George W. Bush. But as always the son of the great conqueror fucked up the empire and the local *Japanese people started to call themselfs "Nippons" wich letteraly means "We are going to conquer *China in few years. In Turkey the local gay community was pissed up by the Soultan but after some protests the Gay community sized the *royal palace and took power. They had to extend their gay empire but they had a big enemy *Serbia.

The Battle[edit]

The *Turks had the formation 4-4-2 with *Soultan Murat leading the attack, instead the *Serbs used the formation 5-3-2 wich was higly defensive. After the first charge the Turks were crashed up also because the Serbs used their new inventions the "F-16" and the T-90. After the first half the Serbs were winning but during the half the Turks used a gay cheat, they have changed the formation to 2-3-5. But a Serbian knight *Miloš Obilić crushed in the Turkish dress room and killed the *Soultan Murat so the Turks had their new captain *Bajazid. "Owned!" said Miloš but he was sent to Denn Hag just after the accident. The Battle countinued in a good way for the Turks and the even killed King Lazar for revenge, very unfair it was will say *Frodo years later. Unfortunly the Serbian T-90 was stolen by some Russian spies from the *KGB so they don't have any chances to win. But the Serbs turned the defeat to victory even if they were conquered.

After the Battle[edit]

The Serbs never approved the defeat and still there's a tribunal process at the world federation on wars (*WFOW) but Serbia was conquested and many Serbs from Bosnia turned to Turks. Unfortunly to the Turks not many Serbs accepted the Gay ideology so the victory turned to be a moral defeat to the Turks.