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The Beanie Babies is a TV show every Friday Night at 8/7c on JTV.


A comparison of Bohb and Ghetto Bohb. Notice the slight differences and the golden Y. It is still unknown what the Y stands for.

The main character, Bohb struggles with his inability to pick up objects due to his very round paws. He can still fondle himself, which he does on a regular basis. Different versions of this character have appeared throughout the series.

  • Ghetto Bohb: Mainly appearing in seasons 5-8, Ghetto Bohb is a clone of Bohb who spent his life in the Ghetto, differing from the regular Bohb slightly.
  • Fat Bohb: In episode 14, Bohb discovered there was a parallel universe hidden underneath his couch. In this universe, he visited a Krispy Kreme shop, and severely overdosed.
  • Polyester Bohb: One Saturday, watching TV, Bohb witnessed a swirling blue portal flash in front of him. Interested, Bohb jumped in and saw his future self made of polyester. This sickened Bohb, as Bohb is made out of 100% cotton.
  • Gothic Bohb: In a rarely seen episode, Bohb became Goth. His complete outfit changed during the episode, although he was hardly ever actually seen in the episode due to the network trying to avoid a lawsuit by Marilyn Manson.
Larry was fired soon after he was hired for FedEx.
Larry has been found to struggle with his depression and ADD. He recently suffered from a freak sewing accident, and now enjoys water skiing, sky diving, and still makes and sells his own brand of quilts.


Larry became a regular member of the show after the first season. Before that, Larry guest starred in a number of episodes, where he mostly sold the characters KWILTs®, his trademarked brand of quilts. Larry started LarryInc., which is the leading brand of quilts sold in the U.S. Larry also worked for FedEx, however, he was fired for not having a licence.

Just as Bohb, Larry also appeared in many episodes in different flavors or variations of himself. So many variations exist that it is impossible to list all of them on one page. Here are many popular ones:

  • Marshmallow Larry: In an early episode, Larry got caught in a massive marshmallow explosion while camping. It turned out it was Bohb who filled the marshmallows with high explosives.
  • Meat-Covered Larry: While camping, Larry also roasted frankfurters on an open campfire. His hot dog exploded in the bun, blowing his hand clear off his arm. Luckily, Larry had another hand in storage. It was thought Bohb had also filled these with high explosives, since he had been a member of the Bomb Squad.
  • Gothic Larry: Just as Bohb, Larry adopted the goth look in selected episodes, although he was actually seen in these episodes, since only minor changes to his wardrobe had to be made. Basically, a black sheet was dangled from Larry's shoulders. Larry commented later that he dreaded that day of shooting, as he had a hard time keeping his balance. A five-minute scene took roughly two hours to shoot. Luckily, however, Larry did not have to do all the work. Lots of the episode consisted of Larry getting rolled over, or trampled on, and in such situations, a broomstick was used.
  • Bubble Larry: While Bohb and others were watching TV, Larry rolled in inside of a plastic bubble. Larry was stuck inside for a week, until he got caught in the middle of a game of darts.
  • Tutti-Frutti Larry: In a very recent episode, the gang visited a candy factory, where they made Jolly Ranchers. Larry, curious, accidentally fell into a vat of melted apple-flavored Jolly Ranchers. After he cooled, he came out stiff and hardened, and tasting apple-icious. Larry liked having apple Jolly Ranchers wherever he went, which allowed his escape from the fruity cocoon, partly because he licked his way out, partly because of his very rapid weight-gain.


Roberto, a very popular character of the show has been mistaken for a bear, though recent discoveries have revealed he is actually a fat cheetah. In recent years, Roberto has saved up money from his authentic Mexican taco stand, in Tijuana, Texas and purchased his own monster truck, The ROBERTINATOR. Although he has not been accepted into any monster truck competitions or tournaments, he has found a faster way to get to work.

The Robertinator in all its glory.

To start out with, Roberto had worked his way up to a Roller Coaster Tycoon, making money building rides, until he had his Roller Coaster Tycoon license revoked. Roberto was devastated.

Bohb getting totally smoked in a tennis match with Carl.

After he had acquired a taste for Mexican food and learned about his rich Mexican heritage, Roberto decided to open up an authentic Mexican taco stand.


Carl, known for his thick French accent and outstanding tennis skills, was often a guest star on The Beanie Babies. During his first appearance on the show, he totally smoked Bohb in a hardcore game of tennis.