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Bear in the Big Blue House is about a bear who for some reason, rather than live in a cave like all the other bears, lives in a blue house in the middle of nowhere. How he got the money to build the house is never explained in the show, although it is often suggested that he had stolen it.

Doesn't take a genius to tell who's in charge of the house.

The Bear[edit]

The bear in question is an alcoholic who abuses his daughter, Ojo, which caused his spouse to divorce him rather quickly. He loves to smoke pot and have sex (with whom is never explained, given Bear's isolation). He also has a violent side, as he is known to maim people who piss him off and eat their intestines like sausage links.

He loves eating blonde girls that visit his house and try to eat his porridge and break his chairs.

He also eats honey, although that isn't as interesting.

The House[edit]

The house is ordinary at first glance, however it's filled with the various residents, such as a mouse which explains why the house is rather unsanitary, a lemur that throws acorns at people's heads, two homosexual otters, and Bear's daughter, Ojo. While these bozos are normally harmless, when prompted by Bear they are a whole different story....

Bear despises trespassers, and will shoot anyone who steps foot on his lawn with his best friend, his shotgun.

The house contains a bedroom (Pip and Pop loved it there), a bathroom (Pip and Pop also loved it there), a kitchen (Tutter loved it there), an attic, and a roof (where Bear committed suicide)

Pip and Pop in a rare moment of not making love.


  • Pip and Pop - two homosexual otters, known to have sex with each other as part of a daily routine. Much to his annoyance, Bear usually finds them inside his shower. Pip and Pop both die in Season 4 when the former is killed by homophobes and the latter when he commits suicide...with Pip being the third character to die and Pop being the fourth.
  • Tutter - a mouse that spreads disease and pestilence around the house. He also steals Bear's cheese. Dies in Season 2 when he is killed by a Mouse Trap. He is the first character to be killed, and later the first one to start haunting the house.
  • Ojo - Bear's daughter, she misses her mother and hates Bear. She is also the only female resident excluding Shadow and Luna. Dies in Season 4 near the end of the series when she is run over by Bear. She is the sixth character to die.
  • Treelo - a lemur that is so retarded it is a miracle he managed to stay alive for most of the series. Dies in Season 3 when he drowns in the otter's pond. He is the second character to be killed.
  • Bear - the big bear of the house. He'll kill you if you so much step foot on his doorstep. Dies in Season 4 at the end of the series, and is the seventh and last character to die.
  • Luna - the moon (no not that kind of moon, you sick pervert). Bear has delusions he is able to talk to her. Also the only surviving character.
  • Shadow - an animated shadow that likes to talk to Bear. Dies in Season 4 during one of Bear's insane frenzies. She is the fifth character to die.


The show had many different episodes. One by one however, all the main characters were killed, until only Bear himself remained. Bear perished in the series finale.

Season 1[edit]

  • Episode 1: Construction of the Big Blue House- The Bear in the Big Blue House decides to build a house. It is constructed in a manner of days. {First appearance of Bear.}
  • Episode 2: TPing of the Big Blue House-the Big Blue House is TPed. Bear gets pissed off and kills everyone in sight. He then goes to talk to the moon. {First appearance of Luna}
  • Episode 3: Inviting Some Friends Over-the Bear invites some of his friends over to a party. {First appearance of Tutter, Ojo, Pip and Pop, Treelo, and Shadow}
  • Episode 4: Don't Crash The Party-party crashers arrive, but Bear and his friends kill them.
  • Episode 5: The Hobo-a hobo tries to get into the Bear's house. Bear blows his head off with a shotgun.
  • Episode 6: Child Molestation-Bear molests his daughter Ojo.
  • Episode 7: Gay Sex-Pip and Pop have sex with each other in Bear's shower. Bear is not amused.
  • Episode 8: Bath Time With Bear: Ojo, Pip, and Pop take a bath, with Pip and Pop having sex with each other once again. Treelo invades their privacy, causing the other residents to beat him to a pulp.
    Treelo invading the privacy of the other residents in Bath Time With Bear.
  • Episode 9: Terrorists: Terrorists are planning to blow up The Big Blue House. It's up to Bear and the gang to save the day!
  • Episode 10: Bear Saves The Day: Bear stops the terrorists from blowing up The Big Blue House.
  • Episode 11: The Big Pink House: Ojo paints the Big Blue House pink while Bear is away. Bear gets mad and beats Ojo when he returns.
  • Episode 12: Bear Goes To The Store: Bear finds out his favorite honey is sold out. Bear gets mad and devours the shopowner.
  • Episode 13: Hunting Season: It's hunting season, and hunters are trying to kill Bear and stuff him up as a rug. Bear (along with the residents) have to fight for their life!

Season 2[edit]

  • Episode 14: Bear Goes To The Hospital: Bear has to go to the hospital after the events of the previous episode.
  • Episode 15: Bear Gets Drunk: Bear gets drunk and beats up Ojo once again.
  • Episode 16: Bear Gets Drunk Again: Bear gets in a bar fight with several other Muppets. Bear comes out as the sole survivor.
  • Episode 17: Bear in the Big Blue House vs. Sesame Street Part 1: Bear decides to go on a vacation to Sesame Street. He along with the residents get in a fight with the Sesame Street cast. {First appearance of Elmo, Bert and Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird, The Count, Zoe, Rosita, Baby Bear, Miss Piggy, Kermit, Grover, and Telly)
  • Episode 18: Bear In The Big Blue House vs. Sesame Street Part 2: Several Muppets have died already, but the rest keep on coming. {Final appearance of Bert and Ernie, Oscar The Grouch, The Count, Baby Bear, Grover, and Telly}
The death of Tutter marked the point where Bear started to go insane.
  • Episode 19: Bear In The Big Blue House vs. Sesame Street Part 3: All the Muppets in Sesame Street are finally dead, with Elmo, their leader, dying last. {Final appearance of Elmo, Big Bird, Zoe, Rosita, Miss Piggy, and Kermit}
  • Episode 20: Bear Returns To The Big Blue House: Bear returns to the Big Blue House, only to discover that it has been robbed. Bear vows revenge on the robbers.
  • Episode 21: Bear's Revenge: Bear kills all the robbers that robbed his house, and takes his stuff back.
  • Episode 22: Bear Gets High: Bear smokes some marijuana.
  • Episode 23: Bear and the Big Red Bloodbath: Bear slaughters a bunch of Jehovah's Witnesses who dare to knock on his front door.
  • Episode 24: Bear and the Big Orange Mess: Tutter vomits on the floor. Bear steps on him as punishment.
  • Episode 25: Bear Masturbates: Bear masturbates in front of his daughter Ojo.
  • Episode 26: The Death of Tutter: Tutter gets killed after he gets caught in a mouse trap. The other residents mourn his loss. {Final appearance of Tutter.}

Season 3[edit]

  • Episode 27: Bear's Big Jailbreak Part 1: Ojo, Pip and Pop, Treelo, and Shadow are arrested for smuggling firearms across the United States. It's up for Bear to break them out of jail!
  • Episode 28: Bear's Big Jailbreak Part 2: Bear breaks Ojo, Pip and Pop, and Treelo out of jail, nearly being shot to death in the process.
  • Episode 29: Bear's Big Brown Ass: Bear moons a person who's asking him for directions.
  • Episode 30: Shadow Puppets: Shadow helps Bear make shadow puppets. Bear responds to this by using a shadow puppet to beat Shadow up.
  • Episode 31: Pip and Pop Are Gay: Pip and Pop have sex again, this time in Bear's bed.
  • Episode 32: Bear Is Hungry: Bear eats Tutter's now decomposing corpse. He gets sick and once again has to go to the hospital.
  • Episode 33: The Big Blue House Is Haunted: Bear's house is being haunted by the ghost of Tutter.
  • Episode 34: The Death of Treelo: Treelo drowns in the otter's pond after accidentally falling into it while vine swinging. {Final appearance of Treelo}
  • Episode 35: The Big Blue House Is Haunted Part 2: Bear's house is now haunted by both the ghost of Tutter AND the ghost of Treelo.
  • Episode 36: Ghostbusters Part 1: Bear hires the Ghostbusters to take care of the ghost of Tutter and the ghost of Treelo.
  • Episode 37: Ghostbusters Part 2: Tutter and Treelo are apprehended by the Ghostbusters, but somehow Bear knows they'll be back.
  • Episode 38: Pip and Pop's Wedding Part 1: Pip and Pop announce they are getting married.
  • Episode 39: Pip and Pop's Wedding Part 2: Pip and Pop get married, and the other residents (minus Treelo and Tutter) rejoice.

Season 4[edit]

  • Episode 40: Bear's Nightmare: Bear has a nightmare where the ghosts of Tutter and Treelo kill him.
    Bear jumping off the top of the Big Blue House.
  • Episode 41: The Death of Pip: Pip is shot to death by homophobics, leaving Pop a widower. {Final appearance of Pip}
  • Episode 42: Bear Starts To Go Crazy: Bear starts to go insane from the deaths of his friends.
  • Episode 43: The Death of Pop: Pop can't stand life without Pip, so he commits suicide by hanging himself outside Bear's house. {Final appearance of Pop}
  • Episode 44: Bear Starts To Go More Crazy: Bear starts to go more insane after Pop's demise.
  • Episode 45: Shadow Worries About Bear's Sanity: Shadow starts to get worried about Bear.
  • Episode 46: The Big Blue House Is Haunted Part 3: Treelo and Tutter escape from the Ghostbusters, and begin to haunt the house along with the ghosts of Pip and Pop.
  • Episode 47: The Death of Shadow: Shadow's fears are confirmed when Bear kills her with a dinosaur hand puppet. {Final appearance of Shadow}
  • Episode 48: Bear Goes To Disneyland Part 1: Bear and Ojo are the only two residents remaining in the house. Bear decides to take Ojo to Disneyland.
  • Episode 49: Bear Goes To Disneyland Part 2: Bear and Ojo have fun at Disneyland, but Bear's sanity continues to leave him.
  • Episode 50: The Death of Ojo: In another one of his less-than-sane rages, Bear kills Ojo by running her over with his car. {Final appearance of Ojo}
  • Episode 51: The Big Blue House is Haunted Part 4: Bear is being haunted by everyone that once was in the household.
  • Episode 52: Meet Dr. Bearentist: Bear meets Dr. Bearentist who plans on taking over his show and destroying Woodpile Valley.
  • Episode 53: Bear Crossdresses: Bear crossdress as a lady in order to date Dr. Bearentist.
  • Episode 54: Bear Watches GoAnimate Grounded Videos Out of Himself: Bear Watches Grounded Videos out of himself and find out rants about him.
  • Episode 55: Bear Vs GoAnimate Part 1: Bear decided to go to the GoUniverse and kill all the GoFags and VGCP members out here.
  • Episode 56: Bear Vs GoAnimate Part 2: Bear Meet the UTTP and start a fight with them along with Fora the Fucker.
  • Episode 57: Bear Vs GoAnimate Part 3: After killing the UTTP, Bear is off killing the baby show characters and meeting his worst enemy Barney.
  • Episode 58: Bear Vs Alex Kimble (Final Part): After killing Barney and his Sesame Street enemies from Season 2, Bear meet his worst enemy Alex Kimble who is off for a final battle before the universe get destroyed by Alexkimblepoopy. Dr. Bearentist returns for revenge in order to kill Bear and Alexkimblepoopy. Alex Kimble, Alexkimblepoopy and Dr. Bearentist died when the GoUniverse got destroyed by Drake Yin, a faggot with no life and a bad user. {"Final appearance of Dr. Bearentist"}
  • Episode 59: Bear Commits Suicide: After the GoUniverse got destroyed, Bear finally snaps in killing Drake Yin. He jumps off the top of the big blue house, ending his life and the series. {Final appearance of Bear and Drake Yin}
  • Episode 60 (Lost Episode): Bear's Funeral: Bear comes back as a ghost and then goes back to hell with the enemies he had in the past. Alex Kimble is now friends with Bear with having sex and Mia and Me Lover 80 kill all of the baby show characters with Josh Geary.
  • Episode 61 Lost Episode and Lost Series Finale) The Tear Down of The Big Blue House : After the funeral of Bear, the big blue house was for sale, 2 years later, the construction crew decides to tear down the big blue house since no one bought the place, so they tear it down. The people of Woodpile Valley are finally killed by the hunters and the valley has transform into a city and country called "Bearasippi".


The show was enjoyed by all ages, including adults, who enjoyed seeing Bear commit suicide. Some critics, however, felt the show decreased in quality over time, especially when the GoAnimate characters were introduced.

Bear was also brought to public attention when he made an appearance in the Rockstar videogame Red Dead Redemption. His violent conduction towards the players raised many controversial issues as his aggression and acts of horse-slashing offended many. He was later found in possession of 30 grams of cocaine, 2 joints of marajuana, and 4 cans of angel dust and was submitted a 12 month sentence to La Casa De Mierda rehabilitation clinic (this was not covered in the actual series).

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