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Bellefonte (pronounced hick-ville) is a cozy little town located in the heart of central Pennsylvania, founded in 1965 by the Kocet (pronounced 'Cock Set') family. They settled next to a small graveyard and were rumored to have dabbled in necrophilia, a rumor which still exists to this day.


In the 1970s, Bellefonte was terrorized by the Kang family. Located at what was once Gheenz (pronounced Gah'eeeenz), the Kang Brothers would be mercenaries for hire on tastey cake buyers. Their stories became songs of rap or 'hip hop' and managed to sell over 100 million bellefusian dollars worth of music and merchandise which, adjusted for inflation, equals $1.05 US currency.

On Wednesday, July 14, 2004, the great hobo-scruff riot nearly burnt down the city.


Located in the limits of Bellefonte is a place called Shafferville. Several times each year, tens of people flock to this "community" to partake in sacrificial couch burnings and random horseshoe tossing. Shafferville is ruled by a dictator with a beast in his hand and occasionally forces labor upon its inhabitants.