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Poor Man

Belly dancing (belyora insocumdancia) is the act of putting a human or an animal on a persons' stomach then dancing on top. The idea was created after John Dyke had a little too much vodka and had a "trained" bear walk on him as he made the bear sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". After 4 hours of intense pain John Dyke died after all his organs crashed because of the immense weight of the bear And thus starting to fun game of belly dancing.

The Game[edit]

Teenagers have started to use the idea of someone on top of a persons stomach as a game into see how tough a person is by having a girl or guy stand on top of the certain person and do certain movements on top of him/her until he passes out or until he coughs out his heart or intestines. However, others are also acceptable, such as unambiguously unnecessary organs, not excluding the encephalon or the endoplasmic reticula.

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Belly dancing (belyora insocumdancia) is a horrifically entertaining act on which people or animals dance upon the stomach of another person.