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The couple clowning around as usual

“I used to lick Ben's left testicle for a living, now im only allowed near his left foot”

~ Jesus Christ 2 stood on Brighton Pier.

Ben and Jerry grew up in a small town called North Fraggle just north of North Carolina in North America. They had a very scary childhood, and they often suffered from the agony of Bemptonic Foot Disorder. They soon discovered that putting cold things on their feet helped the pain. One day Ben put Ice Cream on his foot. He then put it in a container, and a few minutes later his friend Jerry ate it, not knowing where it had been prior to this. He found the taste somewhat heavenly. Ben told a pleasantly surprised Jerry about where the taste had come from. This is when Ben and Jerry decided to go into the ice cream industry.

Early Years[edit]

Now when Ben decided to be an ice cream maker person, Jerry told him that he'd stand right beside him, through the pain and hardship, not that he had a choice being Ben's siamese twin kinda forced him to go through with hardship and the pain, then again, life in the circus for Jerry had grown rather dull now that his and his brothers glory days were over (now that a young George Bush had joined with a missing link act.)

At the beginning of the of the now very popular dessert they had the flavour of vanilla although they decided to keep the fact of what they put into their ice cream a secret. Recent tests show that the original ice cream in fact had traces of gecko, red squirrel and four different types of golf club.

The Queen of ice cream. You know you want some.

New Developments[edit]

They soon discovered that they loved the taste of unbaked cookie dough so they obviously presumed that the rest of the world would. They proved their theory by taking a sample test of 14 World Leaders. 12 of them loved the taste and said it would be an instant hit. Germany didn't like it, and neither did the entire population of Antarctica. This didn't stop the deluctant duo as they continued to pursue their dream of becoming the worlds leading ice cream conglomerate.


In a recent Television documentary about the couple, their childhood disorder of the foot was exposed. This lead the media to believe that Ben and Jerry were still using victims of the rare Bemptonic Foot Disorder to make the ice cream so heavenly. Tests were taken and it was shown that this was not the case. The ice cream was made of 96% full fat cream.

People started to complain about the amount of fat and calories in a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. They started to campaign to make it healthier for the children of tomorrow. (Little do they know that the children of tomorrow will be robots!) in 2006 the amount of full fat cream was reduced to 0.004%. The rest of the taste was retained by using patients suffering from the rare Bemptonic Foot Disorder.


Today Ben and Jerry's ice cream is popular worldwide and still continues to make new innovative flavours such as:




.Patially Gelatenated Gooseberry mass

.The Mystery swirl

.Antonio Banderas