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Muslims aka Pakis aka chootiyas aka madarchods..

Muslims today are the most serious threat to the entire humanity.

Millions of years ago, when homo erectus were going through the whole process of evolution, a "homo" who couldnt get it "erectus" had a prehistorik threesome with the lochness monster and krakhan. The result was a bengali who has continuously evolved since then.

They are shape shifters. Although they appear to be in human form, in UV light you can actually see their real self. They have a very small head and 140,000 teeths. Their body resembles that of a meat (ghost,as they call it for reasons unknown) and hence their body odour.

They inhale methane and convert it in to a deadly gas called "MS" (Muslim smug)..ever since this discovery they have been banned by UN to assemble in large group..for the fear that they will release this gas and wipe out the entire continent of asia (majority of this species lives there) They have been accused of global warming as well as destroying ozone layer.

They suffer from Acute Confusion Syndrome, and hence its easy to spot them. They are usually the one walking around with blank faces staring lechely at other Muslims Since they have no cock, they copulate with other bengalis using a series of ultrasonic high pitched incomprehensible sounds that shoots out of their anus.(They call this process speaking in Urdu)

They follow the doctrine of Prophet Gyassuddin-

1) Thou shalt not talk to a non muslim 2) Thou shalt not pay for anything. 3) Thou shalt not eat anything that doesnt smell. 4) Thou shalt not use our brain when we talk.

If you come in to contact with a muslim, chances are you will be infected by them. Symptons include:-

1) You will be perenially confused. 2) Your cock will turn magenta before eventually gettting shriveled and falling off. 3) You wont be making any sense when you talk.

If you think you are infected by this deadly disease, Please contact muslim Prevention and Cure Association. They will be highly obliged to come n kill you.

¬¬Spread the word.Save the world from muslims¬¬