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The name Jennifer Lopez attempted to give the insurance company owned and operated by Ben Affleck.

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In what would later be known as the Day of Peels, Lopez and a small, private army consisting of her personal bodyguard and 16 Himalayan poodles staged a coup on the company. However, in attempting to seize control of the central paper recycling plant and claims repository, the sack of potatoes had a sudden change of heart, and the army found itself at odds with one of its own. The confusion shortly thereafter led to one of the worst massacres in pygmy and poodle history, and necessitated a change of location for the company.

After the failed coup, Lopez returned to her previous line of work: the humanitarian growth and raising of trouser snakes.

Bennifer in the off-broadway hit show Bennifer Of The Opera.

Bennifer is also the name of a horrible cross-breed of Jennifer and Ben created by an evil race of flying moles from Planet Rupert in 1999. Bennifer's acting career has spanned numerous on- and off-broadway roles, including playing itself in Bennifer Of The Opera.