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Benny Hill Ville is one of the largest cities in France. It was named after comedian, politician and pervert Benny Hill, who became a French icon during the 1980s, when he forced the entire nation to surrender (yet again) through his toilet humor.


The Benny Hill Memorial in Benny Hill Ville

Formerly known as Nice, the city became a cultural Mecca for French Benny Hill fans when he included it on his conquest march through France. Upon getting out of his armored mini he declared that his arrival would "see the city turn from Nice to Very Naughty!". Thus, up to his death Nice was renamed and became the center for his expansionist empire.

Upon his tragic and untimely death, the city became nervous of loosing its importance and new found heritage. Thus it went for an even more crass and obvious name, dubbing itself as Benny Hill Ville.

Famous attractions[edit]

Aside from being the home of the legendary Benny Hill Memorial statue, Benny Hill Ville is also the location of the annual Running of the Boobs festival, which sees topless, well-endowed women chased through the streets by Benny Hill look-a-likes and small perverted bald men. The latter character has seen many celebrity appearances over the years, including: Clement Atlee, Alan Greenspan, Dr. Evil and George Costanza.

The city is also home to the Benny Hill International Museum, and coincidentally the Museum of the Modern Erection.

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