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Betty Showing Her Hot ass act on "Star Search" 1989 performing the REO Speedwagon classic "I can't fight this feeling"
Betty Blow Torch to Red Leader, We have started our attack run.

Betty Blow Torch was born Betty-Anne-May Bléŗōwtoéŗché (Бетти Блоуторч) in 1969 in the soviet-union republic of Llubparc (formerly known as Australasia). She gained success in 1978 when appearing on the American television show Star Search and told Vince McMahon right to his face that he wouldn't recognize talent if it rented space up his ass. Which was rather ironic as her act involved the use of flammable objects to project a controlled flame from her elementary canal in what she was proclaiming to be the next hottest ass act in show business.

She went on with the act before having to quit to become a medical marvel of science, then moving onto a music career, before finding herself as a pornographic super star of extraordinary magnitudes and a lover of nutella. But before any of her later fame in life, she became known as a medical marvel for being the only person in history to be able to breath fire from her vagina. This rare technique later became her trademark and money-maker, but in the beginning it was burning her up inside and her pussy was burning for answers.

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After scientific breakthroughs during her next gynecology exam, performed by Dr. Richard Head, who did not actually have a degree in gynecology, but told Betty while she was there she may as well pop the hood and let him take a quick look at it for her. He discovered something tremendously bizarre, upon deeper investigation into the situation, he discovered that the flames Betty produced from her rear where not in fact shooting from her rear, but from her vagina. He had never seen anything like this before, and discovered this is the first and only case so far in the history of mankind a woman has been diagnosed with D.C.S (Dragon Cunt Syndrome).


The infamous Dr. Richard Head, MD of Old England University, U.S.A.
And that's how you get D.C.S! It's as easy as pie!
Standard Issue fire extinguisher on standby by during initial testing phases of teaching Betty how to control the force around in her.

In this rare case, it has been documented that the inner sigmoid colon that would normally separate the cervix and the uterus from the rectal cavity contains a 7mm diameter abyss leading from the rectal cavity to the cervix and any gasses will exit the vaginal ventilation exit. However, this is not the rare find that Dr Richard Head found, this is a common disease amongst a high percentage of women known as S.P.S (stinky pussy syndrome)

The rare find that Dr Head found was that Betty's uterus contained a rather large lump inside the cervix area it surrounded. However it was soon discovered it was not a lump, but a new undiscovered organ never documented before. This was discovered when Dr Head was performing an ultra sound on Betty and stuck his finger in for an inspection, and it blew fire at him. It was discovered this lump was actually an unknown to medical science organ that would transform and filter the gasses from Betty's rectum into a byproduct of highly flammable hydrogen.

After several more weeks of intensive and deeper research, he discovered Betty's ovaries contained an unknown element that caused compressed air to flow from her fallopian tubes at speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. Hence causing the velocity speed of the hydrogen to push wind out of her vagina of her own will at high speeds. Under the guidance of Dr Head, Betty learned to control this force, and mastered it in what has been labeled F.F.G.C (Force Flow Gedi Control)

But how was Betty able to ignite the flame so it was shooting fire? It was clear to Dr Head and his team of researchers that the gas was not ignited inside Betty's vagina, as it would cremate her inner organs if it did. It was soon found that Betty had what appeared to be a clitoris, but it was not a clit at all. It looked more like a very tiny black head on the end of what appeared to be a wart sized clit, and under further study showed to be an organic flint made from organic sulfur, organic glass powder, and an oxidizing agent that is not known to present science as to what it actually is, but it's really cool to play with. When air pressure would rush from Betty's cervical canal and out her vagina, the pressure would push the clit hard against a hardened rough striking surface area of Betty's skin that is 3 x 4mm, it ignites a small spark from Betty's Flint, causing the gasses combustion into fire. The newly discovered flint style clitoris has been named Clint (Latin for wood of the east)

So with the combined sources of S.P.S, FFGC & Clint, we are presented with the rare case only found once in existence called D.C.S (dragon cunt syndrome

Betty Blows One Out On The Cover Of Her 2003 Album "Hot Shots"

Musical Career[edit]

Yeah, Betty had a band for a while, so what.

Betty Betty Bang Bang[edit]

After a while of being in a band, Betty decided to venture into a more rewarding career, so she went into porno movies. Since her debut in the 1993 film, "Hot Ass For Teacher" she became the hottest star in the porno industry today. Her ability to create sizzling hot steamy scenes for recreational film making has made her an international celebrity in the world of videotography. In her first year as the hottest new actress in the business, she won the Academy Award for "Best new cummer", "Hottest Ass In A Motion Picture", "Most Likely To Suckseed" and "Best Scene Involving A Lemon". Her Stardom grew to even further heights when she was cast along side screen legend Ron Jeremy in the 1997 best picture "Backside Draft" that she won best actress of the year for.

Since her rise to fame, she has appeared in over 7 movies and still counting. She even has other credits besides her acting roles, she played the part of Scorpions "Toasty flame" in the 1996 movie "Mortal Kombat" as well as the Flame Thrower in the 2023 movie Flame Thrower Chicks With Dicks From Intergalactic Outer Space Summer Camp Vacation Part 4. Betty also made several appearances behind the cameras on numerous movies where she was found taking a leak on the sound equipment.

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