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White Power!

“That's my mama!”

~ Chuck Norris on Betty White

Betty White Facts was an internet phenomenon in 2010 in which Betty White fans would spread interesting factoids about her. It originated within the Facebook page Abe Vigoda Facts, centered around Good Burger star Abe Vigoda. Once the spin-off Betty White Facts became more popular, Abe Vigoda finally died.

After Betty White Facts declined in popularity, subsequent tired memes would often be described as "older than Betty White".

Notable facts[edit]

  • Betty White is a Platinum Girl.
  • The chief export of Betty White is sweetness.
  • Every night before going to bed, Mr. T watches reruns of The Golden Girls on TV Land.
  • Betty White does not sleep. She needs to change her medication.
  • Betty White's hair matches God's beard.
  • Betty White was Shakespeare's babysitter.
  • Betty White isn't a mere cougar, she's a saber-toothed tiger.
  • CBS canceled The Betty White Show in 1979 after only one season because it was too awesome for television. Once the world was prepared, she was given another show, but the producers cautiously threw in three hags for balance.
  • Betty White's character on The Golden Girls was purposely named "Rose" because Betty can sweeten up your day, but is thorny enough to make you bleed.
  • Betty White is the oldest person to have ever hosted Saturday Night Live. Suck on that, John McCain!
  • Betty White actually could play football at one time, but she injured her knee during Super Bowl XXVII, and was forced to permanently hang up her jersey.
  • Betty White gives her grandchildren Snickerdoodles when they come to visit.
  • Betty White is old.
  • Betty White rode her dinosaur to school every day
  • Betty White was originally Michael Jackson's fiancee until she found out about his "little boy" fetish. The next best thing was to go into business together as Betty and MJ associates.

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