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Einstein is trying to lick you.

The "Bhang" in "Bangkok"[edit]

Bhang is a an extract from female cannabis plants. It is used for making the popular Thai drink that translates into English "Mary Jane Night Train" and for smoking fish, eel, and baby warf seal flippers. Certain erotic movies from the Muggedher then Druggedher period of Thailand depict a couple copulating while smoking bhang to enhance their enjoyment. It also makes the female forget everything that has happened making it very popular among young American male tourists.

Bhang Thandai is a drink popular in many parts of Thailand is made by mixing bhang with a paste of almonds, eye of monkey, upsidasium, milk and sugar. Cultivation of cannabis is illegal in many parts of the country, but bhang is widely available, and there is only a mild social stigma attached to drinking of Bhang Thandai.

Bhang Lassi is a side effect of the drink that makes one crave sex with a dog. Although it is rarely printed in menus, some restaurants in Thailand, predominantly the tourist attracting areas such as Bangkok, serve Bhang Lassi, which is a yogurt and iced-water beverage laced with bhang. It is commonly dubbed "special lassi" or "licky licky good boy lassi".

Most are familiar with Bhang Lassi from the work of Oscar Wilde a noted pederast known to Thai people as "The Pimp."