Bikini Bottom

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Bikini Bottom
The Swastika was painted all over northern Bikini Bottom.
Mun map.gif
State Atlantic Ocean
Official language(s) English
Mayor Sarah Palin
Established July 8, 1931

Bikini Bottom is a small war-torn city in the Atlantic Ocean. It is inhabited by notible people such as Spongebob, Patrick, Plankton, and Squidward. It's incumbent Mayor is Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin. The City is full of War and looting. One famous battle that took place here was between the Nazi Party and the US Navy. Called the Battle of Bikini Bottom. Spongebob being the Nazi leader of the regime that settled there. Spongebob was eventually gunned down by special forces after accusations that he was overfishing jelly fish. After a feirce 1 hour gun battle, he was finally defeated.

Nazi Occupation[edit]

One of Spongebobs propaganda posters.

Long before the US Navy got involved, Spongebob had almost complete control of bikini bottom although Squidward was still mayor. Jews, Gypsies, and Gays, were hunted down in Bikini Bottom, a order made from the desk of Hitler himself. Spongebob and his loyal Lt. Patrick hid their sexual orientation for some time. Eugiene Krabs, owner of the famous restaurant The Krusty Krab, hid his sexual orientation also, including his loyalty to Judaism.

Loss of control[edit]

Riots, Jewish uprisings, and the invasion of the US Navy lost lots of control of Bikini Bottom for the Nazis. Southern Bikini Bottom was completely destroyed while the North was still under Nazi control. Spongebob was losing men fast and had little to work with. US soldiers were closing in fast while Patrick desperately defended the North Eastern Front. Eventually, fighting eased and US officers held Southern Bikini Bottom while the North was held by Spongebob. Squidward lost all control of the city and was executed. Possibly hanging or firing squad.

American Occupation[edit]

Southern Bikini Bottom.

The United States launched the US Fleet from Newport News on August 5th, 1941. They fought little resistance on their crusade towards Bikini Bottom. They reach their target 12 days later.

The southern part of the city was in ruins. The people who lived there were homeless and starving. The US had little food to share, so it was hard to help the natives of the city. Fighting went on at the wall that separated the north from the south. Anyone who walked near the wall was shot dead. The Americans armed machine guns and snipers in every corner. While Nazis were regrouping and drafting the male citizens of Bikini Bottom by giving them guns and forcing them to fight, or lose their family.

Americans continued to try and rebuild the southern part of the city, and at the same time keep Spongebob and Patrick at bay.

Incumbent Mayor[edit]

In an desperate attempt to find a person to assist in rebuilding Southern Bikini Bottom, the Americans have elected Sarah Palin to be the new mayor of Bikini Bottom. Sarah immediately began the building of Churches and began funding Anti-Abortion groups. She has recently claimed she could see Northern Bikini Bottom from her house, and is a beautiful site. She can see the bloodshed on the battle field, and the extermination of the Jews in the North. She can also shoot dogs from her window in the outskirts of the town. People cointinue to die in the South, with no word from Sarah.

Bikini Bottom Today[edit]

With Spongebob and Patrick dead, northern Bikini Bottom has prospered and is now a lovely area to live. However The north and south remain split. The south continues to be a hellhole with Sarah as their leader and will continue to be that way for eternity. Oh my.