Bishop of West Anglia

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The Bishop Of West Anglia is best known as the 6-Year Running Champion of "Impersonate The Bishop Of West Anglia". He attempted to expand his horizons elsewhere in the 2004 "Impersonate The Bishop Of East Anglia" contest, but lost in a runoff to Liam Gallagher.

His Past[edit]

He was born Irvington Plaza to two dentists in North Anglia, and had a childhood. Not much happened until he entered the 1997 "Impersonate The Bishop Of West Anglia" contest, and did so well, the real Bishop handed over his crown. He's won every contest since. Despite controversies surrounding his qualifications, there have been no riots in well over ten minutes.

Famous Quotes[edit]

The Bishop of West Anglia impersonating The Bishop of East Anglia

Known as "Westanglianisms" by his followers.