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Bit may refer to any of the following:

  • In computing, 'bits' refer to the unidentfied cables, connectors, manuals and chunks of plastic you kept from old computers that have long since been thrown away. Various names are given to groups of bits for easing repetition: lyck (2 bits) (also referred to as the "shave and a haircut"), nybble (4 bits), byte (8 bits), chawmp (16 bits), swawllow (32 bits), dygest (64 bits), bowylmovement (117 bits), and so on. The term 'bit' is a shortened form of the term 'bigit'.[1]
  • In boxing, a 'bit' is a legitimate 'hold' where one contestant holds on to the opponent's ear with his teeth.
  • At lunchtime, a 'bit' is a measurement of hungriness on the Arbuckle Scale, i.e. "Are you peckish?", "Yes, just a bit."
  • An animal commonly found in South America And Columbia described as "Not Quite A Bat".
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