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Bizarro Zim is sometimes considered worse than his regular counterpart, Zim.

Bizzarro Zim is the Bizarro World counterpart of Zim. He likes nothing more than to terrorize humans with his robot sidekick, Bizarro Gir. Bizarro Zim has concocted several master plans to conquer the Bizarro earth in order to please the Bizarro Almighty Tallest and the Bizarro Irken Empire. His plans however, are almost always foiled by paranormal investigator, Bizarro Dib. Like Bizarro Tom Cruise, Bizarro Zim is almost exactly like his counterpart, Zim, but with sveral key differences:

  • Bizarro Zim is blue in hue while Zim is red and green.
  • Bizarro Zim has a worse temper than Zim.
  • Bizarro Zim is far more annoying than Zim.
  • Bizarro Gir obeys Bizarro Zim while regular Gir doesn't obey Zim.
  • Unlike Zim, Bizarro Zim is an underachiever.
  • Bizarro Zim is less inteligent than Bizarro Gir.

See Also[edit]

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