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You may be looking for Blah and not even know it!
A stylized version of today's bla.
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The importance of the word bla in today's fictionary is readily overlooked. Unlike popular belief it is in many ways what built the foundation for the society we live in today. Today the word bla is spoken by millions of people in and around the Vatican City but is seldom ever used outside of that closed circle unless meant as a negative or ignoring remark.Now, i would have to disagree with part of that i'm afraid. Bla is by no means a negative word, it is a word that can be used in any circumstance, to mean anything the speaker wishes.

Linguistical History[edit]

Main Article: Bla Religion

The word bla orginated from the latin word Captum, which translates as capture. The two words have nothing in common, apparently, but the story goes that Captum was once a powerful term used when native inbreeds captured animals. They would scream Captum as a sign that they had caught something. The word was eventually replaced by bla for simplicity of use. Hunters would run all over the forest screaming bla, signifying good hunt. This later turned into an almost religious practice when hunting. Read more...

The Theory[edit]

Today the word bla is a recentful comment (See "BadWord" History) often made by youth towards elderly people. this however is completely wrong! blah is all abbout the principles of blah which should NOT be ignored!!!!!!!!

Now the use of bla as a word is not limited to an insult. This appears to be a common error. I would like to heartily encourage the use of bla and i would also like to add that my preferred spelling is BLAH not BLA. This choice is of course, up to the writer.

In the real world, not listening would be a completely valid option. While not in the real world, which you of course aren't, (you're here), you will probably be maimed. The lesson to be learned is to never say "bla bla bla" to any actual person, or animal... or shape... or electrical equipment. OR IS IT...

"BadWord" History[edit]

In a galaxy far far away there was only Luke Skywalker. Upon ending a famous movie I will not mention, Luke began to mumble. Slowly but progressivly the mumbling took over actual speech. The servants of Luke and his fellow dorks butter knights companions began to make up jokes about Luke losing the ability to speak, creating a trend of saying "bla bla bla". This soon spread outside of the Lukonian residence into the major population.

One sunny afternoon Mr. Luke was watching GV (Galatic Vision, for you unwise) and saw the GN (Galatic News, you should be getting it by now) on which he was featured as "dummy of the week". When turning of the GV he immediately turned around and said to his friends "Bla bla bla". His friends, I mean butter knights companions, became enraged and took to the streets with their butter sabres fists and beat up anyone who said "bla" to honor the by then Old and wise Luke Skywalker.

Ever since then it has been a sin in all of the galaxy to say bla, bla bla, bla bla bla or any combination thereof. And having said it, I'm having to fend off several dozen stormtroopers as I type this. Ouch, he shot me. Aww come off it. Just use the power of bla and you'll blast them troopers into NON EXISTENCE. Yeah.

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