Black Cat Twins

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Aretha in her villain outfit.

The Black Cat Twins are Aretha and Jasmine. They are part of the League of Super Evil (L.O.S.E for short). They replaced Iggy and Lemmy Koopa who applied for the said league.



Aretha and Jasmine were born to The Saffron Crow and one of his sex slaves Landina, who was known by many as a former villainess The Purple Lioness. When they were young, their father used to send them to their room after 7 p.m. so he could have some private time with Landina and have sex with her (that explains the many children he and Landina have, the most recent before getting divorced was octuplets).

Their Big Break[edit]

It all started when their father, The Saffron Crow (a known outlaw feared by many), was murdered by the legendary Star Girl (a girl from the planet Guytyja, home of many whores). Aretha and Jasmine loved their father very much (mostly because he influenced them on the path to villainy). So they swore to have revenge on the killer of their father. At first, they fought together. After being beat up several times, mostly in the genitalia, they decided to join L.O.S.E. Iggy and Lemmy Koopa were also considering joining at the time. Three months later, the Black Cat Twins got in over the Koopa twins for a reason we may never know. Soon, they got to know Voltar, Doomageddon (the lizard pet), Black Gladiator (he prefers to be called Paul, thank you very much), Missing Link (she likes to be called Rosalina, and so called because she believed herself to be the long-lost kid of Ai and Morimoto), Red Menace, and Dr. Frogg.

When They're Not Fighting[edit]

When they're not fighting superheroes such as Star Girl's daughter Extreme Supernova and Lightning Liz, they are kind and subtle, probably to get people to think that the Black Cat Twins are someone else.


Jasmine fell head over heels for one of Voltar's minions and had a daughter with him (Yukino). Srsy!