Black Gladiator

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Here is Black Gladiator in all his glory.

Black Gladiator is a member of the League of Super Evil (L.O.S.E for short). He is an expert villain, unlike the rest of the members which are immature arseholes. He's a Gallade named Paul. He is the father of the Orange Fireball, who, in turn, is the mother of Redmond and Cherry.


The following below explains the Black Gladiator's history.


Black Gladiator was born to Gardevoirs in the wild. His mama had apparently given birth to him on the streets, while his father worked in a delicatessen. At age 14, he ran away from home, never to return, because he felt neglected when his parents left him alone in the woods every night, and went to New York to learn to speak English. When he was 20, he started a life of crime on his own.

How He Met The Purple Sorceress[edit]

Paul, or should I say Black Gladiator, met the Purple Sorceress (real name: Jocasta) at a hotel in sleazy Atlanta, Georgia. Back then, Jocasta was one of the ##### hanging out in one of Atlanta's Kit-Kat clubs. Paul instantly fell in love with her the moment he saw her. They got married, and before you knew it, Jocasta was pregnant with their daughter, Eva. Together, Black Gladiator and his wife were unstoppable, robbing banks, stealing kids, and even raping unsuspecting teenagers.

From Being a Duo to Flying Solo to Becoming Part of the League of Super Evil[edit]

Jocasta was, yes, pregnant again with another daughter, Drew. However, she was killed in a building explosion along with thousands of people. Shards of glass fell from the remnants of the building after that (this may be how Dr. Frogg lost his hands). So, a year after the explosion, Paul was forced to rob banks on his own. When he heard L.O.S.E was applying, he reconsidered and that is how he became the team's brawns.

The Purple Sorceress[edit]

The Purple Sorceress is the Black Gladiator's late partner killed in a building explosion while pregnant with Drew. Her name was Jocasta. She met Paul while she was one of the sluts hanging at one of the Kit-Kat Clubs in Atlanta. She and Paul had a daughter together, Eva. And they were unstoppable when doing villain things from robbing banks to murdering people and raping teenagers out after dark.



The Purple Sorceress, like the Black Gladiator, was born to Gardevoirs in the wild, only here's a twist. Her parents were actually lost Pokemon belonging to an abusive trainer. At the age of 20, her parents were killed and she had to fend for herself, so she went to Boston to learn to speak English and became a villain.

Villain Career[edit]

When she first started out, she was the Mauve Pixie. After being kicked in the stomach, groin, face, and chest, she decided to improve and she became the Purple Sorceress. This time, she robbed banks, kidnapped little kids, killed people, and raped them. However, she also spent time at Kit-Kat clubs, desperately seeking attention from young males.

How She Met Black Gladiator[edit]

While in "The Juicy Mango", one of the Kit-Kat clubs owned by a former fruit canning company manager, she met a guy named Paul who was the Black Gladiator. At this time, she was just becoming one of the regular sluts. They got married and then she was pregnant with Eva. Together, as husband and wife, they were the perfect crime duo. They often did the things The Purple Sorceress usually did. They escaped 42 arrests simply by killing the police officers who made those arrests.

Untimely Death[edit]

As I mentioned before, Jocasta was pregnant with their second daughter they named Drew. Here's how her death occurred. She and her husband decided to rob a 24-foot-high bank "The Red Moon Bank" so they could get rich and send their oldest daughter, Eva, abroad to a villain school. This did not go well, however. Apparently, someone had set off a bomb that demolished the bank, killing 1,000 people, including Jocasta, and injuring 2,000 more, including Dr. Frogg whose hands had been severely burnt. Paul tried to revive his wife, but unfortunately she had died the moment she hit the ground. She was pronounced dead and buried in the same landfill her parents were buried in.

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