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“Black tights are the romance for men.”

~ Tights lovers on black tights

Black tights are a form of clothing for girls and women, no matter on 2-D images or in 3-D real world, which sexually appeal to many men and boys. Numerous men and boys are attracted by black tights, especially tights lovers- they even steal black tights from girls or women. Thus there are many tights lovers arrested every year.

Since the color is dark enough, black tights are usually worn as a mask by thieves for covering up their faces.

Black tights made with nylon are often torn carelessly but it is not easy to wear pressure black tights. This is difficult for rude girls.

Culture of black tights[edit]

From early 2005, black tights have been prevailing over East Asia especially Hong Kong and Japan. This trend comes from some girls who want to attract boys by wearing black socks/tights or white socks/tights. Black tights are slightly more popular than white tights so black tights may be more favoured than white tights. I cannot speak English and am therefore a faggot.

Black tights on 2-D images[edit]


in Fate/Stay Morning wearing black tights]]

In the 2-D world, black tights are the efficient tool for moë enhancement. Just wearing black tights onto pretty girls/women, many of sights from boys/men will be changed to the girls'/women's feet. Thin black tights are more sexy which is easier to make boys/men continuously nosebleeding.

Pretty girls/women wearing black tights can be very moë even they do not know how moë they are.

The real power of black tights is attaching on feet of young girls/women to make them more attractive, so the effect is more better if their feetline is relatively fine.

No matter little girls, pretty girls or elegant women, black tights may enhance the mysterious feelings, but it is not work on elderies. Therefore boys/men are glad to attend tights parties for watching tights feet of pretty girls or elegant women.

Black tights on real world[edit]

Many girls like to wear black tights to keep warm during winter or to match other clothes, so black tights are very popular in the real world. Girls wearing short skirts or hot pants with black tights are very attractive that usually attract tights lovers to follow or to snapshot.

Nowadays, many thieves like to wear tights on their head but they are usually arrested because of choosing the wrong colour. Recidivists know to choose black tights. Pressure black tights is an incorrect choice as it is easy to cause suffocation.


If you wear black tights, you may match with sport shoes, high heel shoes, canvas shoes, skateboard shoes, boots. Wearing mini-skirts or hot pants with black tights will make you look better.

Profession/characters wearing black tights[edit]

The head poster of Rail No.9 (《軌角九號》). Both affectionately-hugging-together Princess SP1900 and Princess KTT are wearing black tights too.
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How climate conditions affect black tights?[edit]

It is said that the La Niña will be continuously in effect from year 2008 till approximately year 2012. This may cause East Asia being cold in the winter. It is anticipated that the demand of black tights will keep high continuously during the few years.


Here are the other contributions of black tights:

  • Keep us healthy and lively vigor during winter because the chance of getting cold is deduced.
  • Save the resource and cost of manufacturing long pants/trousers.

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