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Blaenllechau is a bustling metropoplis situated to the west of Kabul, Afghanistan in the Rhondda Valleys. Longing to be an independent state free of the Walesian Empire, a Mr. David Davies set up the B.A.F.T.A (Blaenllechau After Freedom Territorial Army) activist movement to gain freedom. Forever being instigated in drinking milk from peoples doorsteps and pissing in the bottles B.A.F.T.A finally disbanded when it went bankrupt after being sued for copyright by the entire British Film industry led by the most successful actor in British history, Ross Kemp.


Blaenllechau has various sports teams including successful teams in BASEketball and Sheep Racing. Blaenllechau LAMB-orghinis are the most successful sheep racing team in Welsh league history with no fewer than 12 titles since the competitions inception in 2010.