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This page is a piece of crap. The author acknowledges this fact.
Sarah's Favourite Shirt (Only Cleavage Shown For Security Reasons, Honest)

“One would need to know how much bitchyness could fit into such small ass and brain!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Sarah

Blame Sarah (BS)[edit]

When something goes drastically wrong, people - usually college students of this time - may say the two letters BS, this is known as Blame Sarah. A common occurance in the East Midlands, United Kingdom.

This 'Sarah' is a female dog-type creature, known to inhabit an area in or around Nottingham, England. (Otherwise known as Shottingham).

The Pigeon, a cunning bugger, but not noted for geographical skills

A regular explanation of the phrase 'Blame Sarah', is normally related to the occurences on September the 11th 2001 . When Osama bin Laden heard of Sarah's bitchyness, and fine booty, he decided the two should never be combined. So he sent off his terrorist pigeons to scout Sarah's whereabouts.

But, pigeons being pigeons, they got entirely the wrong coordinates. So, bin Laden, sure he was going to rid the planet of Sarah, accidently bombed The Twin Towers.

Using sheer logic, anything can be blamed on Sarah, so if something drastic goes wrong, people might say 'BS'.

'BS' is a code, to ensure that Sarah does not hear about what is happening, otherwise, all hell may break loose. We don't know much about her, although for security reasons we can only disclose her full name as 'Sarah N'.

The Irony (BS)[edit]

The irony of (BS) is that most people will believe this to mean bullshit. The next time your friends chat shit and someone says bullshit (or indeed at any time someone says it), you should think twice. Might they just be blaming Sarah; afterall she does deserve it.

Misconceptions (BS)[edit]

Unfair blame is placed on 'Sod's/Murphy's Law'.Daily, millions of unenlightened people will place their misforutunes on 'bad luck', 'Sod's Law', 'God' or various other objects/animals that can not disagree (maybe you think god can disagree, if so good for you).

No, infact the phenomenon of 'Sod's Law' itself can be blamed on Sarah. She is the be all and end all of blame.