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d e s u

This article is patent ED fucktard nonsense.
This, however, does not mean it isn't funny.

“Blarging makes me want to stab kittys

~ God on Blarging

“Vasoline and christmas is a bad combination”

~ Colonel Sanders on Blarging

“When me and my Uncle go camping he blargs me with his 11th finger and tells me to close my eyes”

~ Future Priest on Blarging

“Hey me too”

~ Michael Jackson on the above quote

“My uncle used baby oil”

~ the pope on the above quote

“My uncle didn't blarg me, but Mel Gibson did.”

~ Teenage Girl on the above quote

“I once got got blargged so hard I grew a penis”

~ Rosie O'donnell on blarging

Blarging is a well known sport across the east coast of America. Although practiced only by small groups of high schoolers, Blarging has spread quickly.


Blarging hurts.


Blarging was created in the year 2009, created by a boy named Dillon Ladd. Blarging was created out of anger and randomness, thus the birth of Blarging.

This is how a pussie Blargs. Don't follow this example.

Rules of Blarging[edit]

  1. You must yell "Blarg" as loud as possible before slapping victim.
  2. You must slap really hard.
  3. Blarging must be random and unexpected. The victim must not know he/she is being Blarged.
  4. The shape of your hand should be imprinted on the victim's face.
  5. Have fun Blarging.

Blarging day[edit]

Every April 5th, a grand Blarging festivel is held in Connecticut, the birth place of Blarging. Think a really big moshpit but with everyone Blarging each other instead of punching. The next day everyone wakes up with red as fuck faces.


Children should never be Blarged as you may be arrested for the assault of a minor and first degree murder. Also, a child was suspended for "pussie" Blarging. Also, never Blarg the original Blarger or you will feel the wrath of the Blarging gods!

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