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“I don't love my blow up dolls they love me.”

~ Tamia


Blow up dolls are only made of the highest quality used rubbers and cock pumps. Most dolls are made anatomically correct with both a penis and a vagina. The biggest concern with dolls is that they may pop under pressure or that they become pregnant and sue for child support. Warning if your blow up doll becomes pregnant poke her with a needle to terminate the pregnancy.

Government Regulation of Blow[edit]

Because of the danger of a blowing your cock off if a doll is over pressurized they are regulated by the National Ass and Dick Society Nads. Additionally the prevalence of blow up dolls in the homes of single men make them an especially attractive spying devices. This has lead to the usage of blow up dolls as both surveillance devices and assassins by the CIA and your mom.

How to Use a Blow Up Doll[edit]

1. Fill with air
2. Fill with cock
3. Fill with cum
4. Rinse and repeat

Dangers of Blow Up Dolls[edit]

  • May get pregnant
  • May get rubber burn with excessive use
  • May come to life and choke your fat ass

Advantages of Blow Up Dolls[edit]

  • They never say no. (Actually they never say anything.)
  • Marriage is out of the question
  • You can past your moms a whore's picture on it for added pleasure

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