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In physics all kind of experiments with particles like electrons, bosons or female bossoms are know. Many of them are about the electron or other particle to penetrate a set of one ore more holes. This way interference and quantum physics have been found and never understood my humankind. The blue electron experiment now places a new rally to the limits of science.

The Experiment[edit]

Insteadt of a double-slit or grid, you place a bottle of vodka between the radiation source and your target. From time to tome you will substract some of the alcohol by drinking a glass or two. Watch the consequences on the electrons and their effect on the target.

The Results[edit]

While with full bottles all electrons seem to behave ordinary, that is they are mildly absorbed by the bottle or scattered randomly, with emptying bottles the results seem to change. Some experimentors noted that they could actually see the electrons surrounding the bottle or noted down jokes instead of the coordinates of the electrons captured.


Other than man, electrons seem to develop a sence of humor only in the absence of alcohol. As the empty bottles resulted in such a funny electronical behaviour, it is widely suggested to drown complicated electronical devices in alcohol to avoid funny electron behaviour. The absence of alcohol in modern PC devices may be the reason for the peculiar reaction of these systems, as the electrons inside must suffer from the lack of alcohol.


Many electrons have to few contact with alcohol and hence become blue and behave like drunk humans. Best we use more alcohol in manufacture of electronic devices.