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Blurred Future is a famous cover group formed in Sarasota, Florida. Known for Q&A sessions after performances, Blurred Future has become extremely popular among fans at punk and metal concerts. However, Blurred Future got their start touring with Prince in 1999. This group is also known for their opposition toward a cure for Autism. They've been known also as Uncyclopedia enthusiasts. Anther well-known fact is that they unravel a flag representing Aspies For Freedom during an intense performance.

Bands Blurred Future Has Done Cover Performances For[edit]


Digimon (Vocals): Without question, there are few singers as realistic-sounding and as intense as this guy. Known for his now public fling with bassist Dawn, Digimon is also known for doing endzone dances during performances. He also has Asperger's Syndrome and is very biased against a cure for Autism (more so than his groupmates).

Dawn (Bass): The sexiest girl in the group, Dawn always seems to come out of her shell on the stage in front of millions of rabid-as-hell fans. Her trademark move is leaning so far back, her hair touches the stage. She also flings her hair back when it isn't clipped. During Super Bowl 41, when Blurred Future was covering for Prince, Dawn walked on-stage with nothing but a bikini top and daisy dukes.

Misty (Guitar/Secondary Vocals): A Disturbed groupie, Misty is the most recent addition after Pokemon laid her off. She came in after former guitarist Ash Ketchum, who was caught with Dawn drunk in the tour bus during OzzFest 2007 in Cleveland. Misty has recently been compared to Eddie Van Halen in Rolling Stone.