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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the self-proclaimed experts at Wikipedia have an article about Bob-omb.

Bom-ombs live in the computer game Super Smash Bros Melee, but no longer in Mario games due to their betrayal of said person. They fly around using thermonuclear + thermular power, whenever they're too damn lazy to use their own legs (which are very small and stupid). Unlike the Wii people they are peaceful and religious tolerant crobes, but do have a tendency to explode upon touching solder in large crowds in the streets of MUMBAI. Legendary creatures of the night, they answer only to the Mad Professor of thunder and time, who often does not know where they are coming from.


Created by the said Mad Professor to destroy Mario and Luigi, for stealing his matches, lighter and rotting apples for use on suspecting opponents. Have a tendency to run around frantically doing nothing and then managing to fall off the edge causing -29HP damage to its comrades. Those Wii makers have tried and failed to harness its power. Currently residing in the item selection menu. It should be stated that Bob-ombs should not be confused with the singing group "The Bob-Ombs". Who recently released there newest single, "How to Dismantle An Atomic Bob-Omb.".

The Role of the Mad Professor[edit]

Brought up in the princely state of Barking (local language Barkingish, also known as Woof), he does not carry out all 7 life processes, and so cannot be considered an insolent fool. Instead he is just a fool. Born to David Hasselhoff and Lady Godiva in 2999, he decided to take after his father and ride on a stupid horse through an entire kingdom, giving people bread and fish from his special suitcase. It was this that inspired him to create the bom-ombs (you figure it out), to liberate his mother from the Remans and the Xtra Special Umlaut Monsters who had invaded to make everyone say "etwas kleines" and "les britishs est plus stupide than la french", which really made his pixellated blood boil. The bom-ombs were made in secret, unknown to anyone.

Bom-omb Kingdom[edit]

The only place where bom-ombs can die, although after they explode they gain a defense upgrade of 340 pp (pokemon points). It's location is kept hidden, because it is the only place in Germany which teaches English, for which the professor may be caned to death by firing squad. It is here where all the bom-ombs are loaded onto trains to be transported to Romeo & Juliet in Pantua, avid supporters of the professor's cause. No one else actually cares about Super Smash Bros, the company and its secretary officially going bankrupt (i.e. they threw a tantrum) due to not enough Mario toys being sold by the first day they entered the shops. Because of this tan..bankruptcy the bom-ombs were no longer shipped to N.E.E.K.S (Nintendial Earlyage Englishidiots Killers Society), and the professor had to live in Kazakhstan. He is now considering a job under Borat.

Vital Info[edit]

  • When bom-ombs see humans, they summon Weapons of Mass Destruction to Iraq, which would be helping George Bush. Approach with caution.
  • The legendary Asmal Jaim has swallowed many Bom-ombs in his time. His comments on the matter include:
"Oooo... free chips!"
"Oooo... this chip tastes nice"
"Oooo... ... ... ... BANG!!!"
"Why don't you come and make [email protected]{}_"
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