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The Boca[edit]

The Boca is the largest quantity to have ever been inside of your mom at one single point in time since the war between middle earth and the over wraiths of Olympus. Quantified by its name it was coined by Euan Metz. Best explained in scientific notation, the boca is (1'000'000)^(1'000'000'000)^(1'000'000'000)^(1'000'000'000'000), or (one zargon)^(one google)^(one billion)^(one trillion). It has been questioned why a quantity so large was ever quantified in the first place, and indeed many people pillion it's use in modern mathematics, or even astronomy, since no realistic measurement is even close to the Boca. However, unknown to many who have heard of the boca, it was created to help explain how wrong this theory is Metz’ Theory.

The Boca in relation to Metz’ Theory[edit]

The first part of Metz’ Theory simply states that everything that could possibly happen, not only could happen, but will happen. The second part states that everything that cannot happen can and will happen. This leads to a number of possibilities, and hence the creation of the boca. There are (give or take 5 million boca) one boca of possible cloud formations at one boca given times. They may even happen simultaneously.

Contradictions of the theory[edit]

For every statement made under the theory, it’s negative also applies. Of course, this means that according the theory, the theory doesn’t exist – which is why most of us are unaware of the theory and of the boca. But of course, everyone ‘’is’’ aware of it, and knows all about the boca (while at the same time, they do not). This is all in accordance with the theory. According to the theory, this article was never written. It was also written.

Uses in the practical field of mathematics[edit]

When programmed into the popular mathematical program, maple, we see the following:

> a:=((((1000000)^(1000000000))^(1000000000)))^(1000000000000);
Error, numeric exception: overflow: either fuck off, or give an equation with an actual purpose behind it, dumb ass

Hence we find a problem using it in everyday equations. Using the Boca outside the context of the theory can be extremely difficult, and is not recommended for anyone, other than Steven Hawking, who has recently finished reciting the entirety of the boca, after finishing off Pi (and hence proving there is an end to it).

“God not only plays dice, He also sometimes recites the boca. I have now recited the boca. Therefore, I am god. Got a problem? It's called flawed logic baby, and you better get used to it.”

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