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“Booh... Bah...”

~ Boohbah on Boohbah

“It's just a cheap immitation”

~ Teletubies on Boohbah
Parental outrage also ensued because of the response from the DeviantART community.

Boohbah was a children's television program created in 2003, aimed in 5 year old's that still found amusement in farting noises. It was later banned in The UK for the very same reason.

The show was designed to be a child friendly television song which they could sing along too in their very own lounge room or watch for a cheap and reliable source of amusement, as 3 years old's find anything funny no matter how serious it may be. But as luck would have it, the internet saw it, and the internet corrupted it into something terrifying and dark.

Now boohbah is an endless supply of furry porn as well as being the subject of many beautiful artworks like this painting of Dick Cheney.


It also showed promise as it taught children about the dangers of obesity.

Boohbah started out in 2003 to go along side other such memorable television series', like Bob the Builder and Teletubbies, but it provided something that the other shows could never provide: 25 minutes of repetitive amusement for those with an attention span sort enough, to not realize the show was basically the same thing every day. This allowed the parents to get on with the more important things in life.

So the show was launched with its very first episode. A make or break situation, if it couldn't appeal to the toddlers of the day how else could it expose children to ours of subliminal messaging and advertising about buying getting someone else to buy all of their lame plushy dolls and music CDs. Fortunately for the networks it was a total success and receieved a grand "two thumbs up" by the reviewers.

The television show, showed promise to the local and international networks and was put to air in the United States, Europe and Asia, for a grand total of 104 full length episodes. Until it got axed by the network, because they felt the audience it once had was growing up and the show did not appeal to the new younger audiences.

Abilities and habitat[edit]


The show was an instant hit with the kiddies, and thus launched into its programming phase which lasted a full 104 episodes. In this phase we delved deep into the world of the boohbahs and other associated characters. As well as the environment in which they lived, for example the boohbahs were said to live in a giant floating magic booh-ball that could materialize out of nothing!

Every adventure shows the boohbah's floating in skydiver formation and telling the children stories of mystical adventures that had once had in a land far, far away. It was rapidly becoming obvious that the children featured on the television program were becoming the pure envy of the children that watched the show in their own living rooms. For a brief instant they considered axing children from the scene altogether, they then realized it would be nothing but colorful fat things flying around looking quite stupid. This was considered even too gay for the producers to handles.

Boohbahs can also fly, despite the obvious handicap of being shaped like a bloated chicken. This further proves how utterly ridiculous the whole project is.

The end?[edit]

All good things must come to an end, rather unfortunately. The board reviewed the show and saw that it was going no where, so they reluctantly axed the show and all attributes and other factors leading to its creation. This news was announced much to the dismay of its loyal viewers who saw it as yet another wacko government conspiracy to get kids getting more fresh air and exercise.

Many 3 year old's were heard crying across the lands, whilst the producers celebrated a secret victory over now they could flog millions worth of worthless Boohbah memorabilia and tapes. This worked exactly as planned and was concidered an epic win by all parties involved.

Fortunately the boohbahs were not forgotten, many childhood molesting communities across the internet picked up the shoow and turned it into something beautiful. Including the article you are reading right now. They made art, film and such about every single other method imaginable of raping something so badly that all of its innocence is lost forever.


Boohbah has a wide range of characters from the boohbahs themselves to the children that they live with. Although poorly thought out, extremely overweight and of questionable sexuality. The characters are considered family friendly to all.


The mug shot.
  • Humbah - Humbah is the yellow one of the pack. Apart from looking like a giant bumble bee, Humbah enjoys flying and playing nicely with others. What a lovely chap.
  • Zumbah - Zumbah is the nigga of the group. Well as dark as he can be with that purple shade of his. He's also gay because he likes purple. What a homosexual???
  • Zing Zing Zingbah - Zing Zing Zingbah, is the most originally thought up name in history. He is the orange dude and cares not for plagiarizing off the names of others.
  • Jumbah - He's blue, there is definitely something wrong with this guy. He's silent and shuns society and prefers to lurk in his own little dark corner, but of course being blue makes you a sad old one.
  • Jingbah - The pink one. Presumably female because no male would want to be pink.

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