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July 5, 2020 at 04:16Bootle is a town in Liverpool, England. It is primarily famous for its unique clog-wearing bugs.

The Bootle Quest[edit]

It its popularly considered that Bootle is somehow connected to every single Celebrity on the Planet Earth. This was discovered in 1954 when Gerald Ford, Oscar Wilde, and Spider-Man among many others had all consumed in some way a product that had been manufactured in Bootle. Since then over 40,000,000 other celebrities have been linked to Bootle, ranging from the Master Chief having eaten as a greasy spoon restaraunt in bootle to Captain America having stood in dog excrement in Bootle.

These connections have spawned an infamous and practically impossible obsession among young adults. Known as the 'Bootle Quest' many strive to discover every single connection between Bootle and Celebrities that is possible in order to win the fabled Pizza Trophy of Homestar Runner Fame. So far 83.3 people have died whilst undertaking this quest.


Bootle was formed when a large piece of Liverpool broke off, and positioned itself into a close orbit. Over time the molten chunk solidified to become the beautific paradise that it is today. It is thought that it took its name either from the famous bugs, or as a corruption of the Beatles who are thought to have ruled the area during the early 15th century.

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