Boulevard of Broken Dreams

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This is a picture of a broken sidewalk that is probably near a boulevard. It is believed that the boulevard was not injured in the process

Boulevard of Broken Dreams is the best known pile of garbage ever released by the former grindcore band Green Day. A little known fact is that this, the very sorry tribute to the song Wonderwall, by those brothers that say fuck a lot, was actually what brought Green Day to be known by their name. Indeed, the band made so much money on the day this song was unleashed upon the world, and they were so swamped in revenue made by the song playing simultaneously on pop, rock, reggae, country, gospel and polka radio stations that their day could only be described as green, in tribute to all the money they made that day.


The song was based on a certain highway that Billie Joe Armstrong used to play in when he was a just a goth-faker kid. Not much is known about this old childhood location except that it's a lonely road that Billie Joe used to walk on, it is an empty street on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, where the city sleeps, and Billie Joe was the only one and he walks alone-ah-ah ah-ah ah-ah ah-ah.

More information[edit]

While the song, who'm we shall no longer name, was a smashing popular success on noisecore, hip-hop, reggae, country, and gospel stations, it turned out to be much less succesful on the one format that they truly cared about: college radio. Indeed, the format that got them started recognized this song for the pile of poop that it was, and flatly refused to play it. Besides, any college kid with a radio could hear it 24/7 on at least 1 station for several consecutive weeks before and after its release. In particularly odd places like california, it was even played at saturation levels on classical and talk radio stations. Indeed, through this song Green Day showed the world the true power of selling out to big record labels.


Sadly, nothing was truly trivial about this song. Indeed, even people who cannot speak English or even speak at all are capable of reciting every word to this song, even while gargling salt water or huffing kittens. Anything that could be shared from this song as trivia is already known by most 3rd world citizens.