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Bradford City are an English football team that currently plays in the third division (or League Nineteen) of The Arkwight's Dripping League. Their nickname appears to be 'You set of f*cking useless t*ats!' as this is the most common phrase shouted at the team by the fans.

Formed in 1945 by Dr. Josef Mengele and other irked Nazis, they hoped to form a team that would defeat the hated England from within and mainly have failed.

Bradford moved away from their Nazi beginnings when Mengele, realising that his plans for world domination were failing, sold the club and bought Manchester United. The club was sold to local fat man Sluggy Dishpond. A shrewd businessman, he introduced unpopular measures, such as charging away supporters the blood of their first born to gain attendance to Wally Parade.

Many people make the error of thinking that Bradford's main rivals are Leeds United, this is wrong. Although also set up in 1945 by Nazis, Leeds consider that playing in the Arkwight's Dripping second division (League Eighteen) they are above such rivalry.

This would make the true rivals of Bradford - Huddersfield Town. Town are the only football team that has a fan base consisting of ONLY Farmers and homosexuals. To honour this, they have names their ground "The Gayfarm". It is built entirely out of pink lego bricks.Wally Parade (above) and The Gayfarm (below)

Bradford pride themselves on not being out done by Huddersfield Town, and since that recently Huddersfield have been relegated, Bradford have vowed to do it much better than Town. This is certainly something to look forward to for Bradford City fans in the 07/08 season and also for many other seasons.

Wally Parade[edit]

The home of Bradford City, it is sited on a former home for retired circus entertainers and the current stadium retains many features from its former use. The current capacity of Wally Parade is 1,739 and is all seated, until half time when they leave.

Famous Fans[edit]

Edna Shuttleworth - Inventor of the Rampant Rabbit.

Gareth Gates - Came second in a warbling competition.

A bird who used to be in London's Burning.

Delia Lama - Spiritual guru of cooking. (this is disputed, Norwich City also claim her as a supporter)

Peter Sutcliffe - Street Cleaner.


1945-1999 Arkwright's Dripping League Division 3 (League 19)

1999-2000 Arkwright's Dripping League Division 2 (League 18)

2000-2001 Arkwright's Dripping League Premier League (League of Gentlemen)

2001-2002 Arkwright's Dripping League Division 2 (League 18)

2002-2008 Arkwright's Dripping League Division 3 (League 19)

FA Cup - FA Luck.